3G Patent War: Samsung Defeats Apple in UK

South Korean electronics maker Samsung recently lost a legal battle with rival Apple over 3G technology. This is Samsung’s second loss to the US firm in a week. Just a few days ago, the manufacturer of the Galaxy device lost the iPhone patent infringement case in Japan.




Samsung had applied for a ban on sales of the handsets in Japan, alleging unlicensed use of 3G technology against Apple smartphones.



The Korean company could not benefit from raising the same complaint in the UK. Samsung has filed dozens of lawsuits against iPhone makers around the world. But only a few of them (basically three) were won by the Galaxy maker.



The legal battle between


Apple and Samsung, the two leading companies in the world of smart computing, began in 2011. Apple then filed a lawsuit against Samsung for infringing their intellectual property rights. Currently, both companies are fighting legal battles in countries like France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, USA etc.



In a statement about the ruling


, Samsung said it was disappointed by the court’s decision and would consider appealing later. The statement also mentions that the innovations and developments that the company has made in the mobile industry over the decades are reflected in their products.



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However, Apple did not agree to comment on the verdict.



The recent

Apple-Samsung landmark patent trial resulted in a 40+ percent reduction in the $1 billion fine against Samsung. This amount is likely to change further in the future.

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