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A detailed discussion of local SEO

We all know that there is no alternative to local SEO if you want to do SEO for any business in the local area. So we need to know about this. If we do not know these basic things, we will not understand anything about local SEO. So these are the basic things we need to know. A detailed discussion of local SEO. We will know today-

  • How Local SEO Works
  • Fundamentals of Local SEO
  • About Local SEO Strategy
  • With 3 Pack of Google Maps

What is local SEO?

Many of us hear what SEO means, search engine optimization. Basically, search engine optimization is what we call it, I have a website, and the system to optimize that website according to Google’s rules is SEO or search engine optimization. For example, you need to use keywords in the heading tag, have an H1 tag on each page, give alt text to the image, etc. Optimize your own website according to these titers. These total processes are called search engine optimization.

When we do skill development on SEO, this is the first time we learn SEO, which means search engine optimization. But the thing we can’t defer is that what we learn is global SEO. When we work on global SEO, we target different countries. E.g. – USA, UK Etc. In this case, we are learning Global SEO.

The question here is whether our search engine optimization is based solely on the USA, UK, or beyond. But when we are affiliating with Amazon, we sell products from one country to another or sell products nationwide, or ship products from the USA to the UK. But now think if someone tells me that “Haji Biryani” this thing has to be delivered in a full package from the USA to the UK. So can I deliver it?

Think about it –

If I do SEO for “Haji Biryani” targeting the UK, is there any benefit to the owner of “Haji Biryani” as a result? You must say no. Because the place to operate “Haji Biryani” is small, it cannot be served far away. If you want to deliver, the first thing that happens is that you can’t deliver on time, secondly, even if “Haji Biryani” arrives, you can’t eat it well. So “Haji Biryani” can only be delivered in its vicinity.

Not all businesses in the world will be the same, meaning that not everyone will have the same country targeting the product, not everyone will affiliate with Amazon because some people have local stores. So in the case of “Haji Biryani” or this kind of business, local SEO is mainly done for these small areas.

In a nutshell, local SEO is when a business targets a small area, such as “Haji Biryani” or a coffee shop or a retail store, or a pizza shop or a restaurant, that’s what we’re marketing to search engines. Is local SEO.

The difference between local SEO and global SEO

In the case of Local SEO and Global SEO, the following issues can be noticed more. The details are given below: –

Local SEO:

  • Local SEO operates according to a small place or city.
  • In the case of local SEO, the audience size is very small.
  • The conversion rate is higher for local SEO.
  • The keyword difficulty of local SEO is very easy.
  • In the case of local SEO, operations or planning are easy.
  • In the case of local SEO, the investment is low.

Global SEO:

  • Global SEO operates by country.
  • In the case of global SEO, the audience size is very large.
  • The conversion rate is lower for global SEO.
  • Global SEO Keyword difficulty is medium to high.
  • In the case of global SEO, operations or planning are moderate to high.
  • Investment is high in the case of global SEO.

Since my local business will be targeting a small area, so in this case, there is no benefit in targeting the worldwide or the whole country. In this case, the journey of the buyer is divided into three parts. Namely: – Awareness, Consideration, and Solution.

Let’s try to understand with an example, suppose you are sitting at home thinking of drinking 1 cup of coffee. Where to have coffee at 1 restaurant thinking about it in the morning and in the afternoon went for a walk around the restaurant, then had coffee and left. Thinking and having coffee, and having a coffee sale means your buy intent has been met.

See here such a journey takes 1 to 24 hours to complete. Now that you are thinking about buying a mobile phone, is your journey time like this or more than that? Think -?

Of course, there are more because you can not manage the money immediately, in this case, the time can be 1 month to 4 months. Again, one wonders how long a bike can take? It may be more than 6 months. This is called the buyer journey.

In this case, when we are in global SEO, the buyer’s journey is much bigger. And the buyer journey in local SEO is much shorter. This means you can make quick decisions in local SEO, which is not the case with global SEO.

Why is local SEO important?

Let’s try to understand with an example, we must know Startech company. Now I want to ask you a question if you have to do SEO for a Startech company then what kind of SEO should be done local SEO or global SEO? Of course, you would say “local SEO”.

On the other hand, you have heard the name of this company Ryans. Do you know the difference between these two businesses? The difference is that Ryans reached out to people through traditional marketing. Whatever Ryans are doing, the company is consuming its customers by opening multiple showrooms or shops.

On the other hand, what Startech Company is doing is Local SEO. Through this (local SEO) they have increased their presence online.

The most interesting thing here is that if you look at the marketing industry, there are sales of Startech company online, Ryans company but not so many sales.

Currently, Ryans Company is leaning towards. But Startech could not beat the company. Because they didn’t focus on local SEO in the first place. We see Judy typing the keyword “apple MacBook price in bd”.

What Ryans was able to do to rise above Startech, of course, could not. Ryans but at number 2. So that’s what local SEO is all about. Therefore, from this example, we understand why local SEO is important. I hope you understand.

Basic or Fundamental of Local SEO

When you search in a search engine with a local keyword, you will first see the results of the map. For example, I searched biryani near me.

These map results are call 3 Pack. Google highlights the top 3 results in the map results. And this result is call 3 Pack. It depends on your location and the location, from which Google’s titers work best, their results come in 3 packs of maps. And then show the websites below.

So basically if you ever have to rank a restaurant with biryani keywords then your target will be within 3 packs. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. And in these 3 packs, there are many strategies to bring your results. Let’s try to understand through the example below.

By the way, I’m searching for a keyword that is “sultan dine”. As a result, I can see that they have taken a place in the search engine pages.

This means that they are creating a knowledge panel in search engines. All you have to do is create a Google My Business account. Which is abbreviate as GMB. A little while ago I knew 3 Pack. When it comes to early 3 packs, do you know what it depends on? Think –

If I have a GMB, in that GMB-

  • How are the reviews or are there any reviews?
  • Is there an image in the review?
  • What is the view of those images?
  • How many people are visiting the map?
  • GMB is not optimizing?
  • Is there a social signal?

These are the criteria for ranking in 3 packs.

Again, local SEO has some fundamental issues. These are-

  • Is there Relevancy?
  • Is there Proximity?
  • Prominence?

Relevancy is like I was searching by typing “biryani near me”, there is mention of biryani in these results, this tie is Relevancy.

If you publicly share your business or company’s phone number, address, etc. through GMB, it is called Proximity. E.g.-

Prominence is, how are my social signals, I mean whether people are coming from social media, whether people are coming by watching videos on youtube, how user interaction, etc.

So if you want to rank 3 packs, you have to work on these three things in an important way. Then you can come in 3 packs. These were the basic discussions. Stay well.

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