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American Health Plans is one of California’s premier health insurance companies, which makes it easy to find affordable coverage. Small businesses, families, and individuals can all find affordable coverage with American Health Plans. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to all of our clients. We have a team of experienced agents who can find the best plan for you at the lowest cost. Affordable Insurance In California, United States.


California is one of many states where American Health Plans has agreements with major companies. As a result, we can shop all plans and assist you in applying for the plan that is most appropriate and affordable for you. Call us toll-free today at (800) 353-8870.

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Major Medical Health Insurance

A type of health insurance that pays for the costs associated with a covered illness or injury. The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) requires that all major medical health insurance plans in California include 10 essential benefits (deductibles, out-of-pocket limits, RX, Maternity, etc.). The plans are often not medically underwritten and are available only during a “special enrollment period” or “open enrollment”.

Short Term Major Medical Insurance

In this type of policy, a specific period of time is covered, usually from one to eleven months. Pre-existing medical problems are not typically covered by short-term policies in California and some medical underwriting is required.

Limited/Fixed Benefit Plans

Are plans that provide limited coverage. The coverage provided by these plans does not typically have to be as extensive as that of major medical plans. Generally, the amount of coverage provide by a fixed plan is limit to a single illness or accident episode. A cap on protection applies to this type of plan, so when the cap is reach, the insurer is responsible for the remainder of the bill.

Am I eligible for a subsidy in California?

Below you will find a tool that you can use to determine if you qualify for a government subsidy on health insurance. It should be note that some government subsidies can only be apply to a plan. That you purchase between open enrollment periods or out of open enrollment with a qualifying event like a marriage. The birth of a child, etc. within 60 days of the qualifying event.


During this Special Enrollment Period, you can apply for coverage if you have experienced a qualifying life event. Federal financial help can significantly lower the cost of your coverage. You may even qualify to pay $0 per month for a plan.

I am not intereste in financial help.

Important: This calculator is a tool for instructional purposes only and doesn’t confirm eligibility. It isn’t a contract. Covered California determines eligibility and the quantum of the subvention. Eligibility conditions are only incompletely describe. It isn’t intend for substantial fiscal or legal advice.

Explore doctors and hospitals

It’s important to know which croakers and hospitals are include in your plan’s provider network before you choose a plan. Use our Find a Croaker tool to determine if you prefer croakers and hospitals to be include in our PPO and/ or Trio HMO networks. You’ll pay a fixed yearly rate for your health insurance policy. The quantum depends on the plan you choose, where you live, and the age of each person on the policy. The lower your plan’s yearly rate, the more you generally pay when you see the croaker, and vice versa. Relating how frequently you see a croaker can help you choose the right plan for you.

Depending on your ménage size and income, you may be eligible for financial backing through Covered California to lower your plan’s yearly rate or indeed your costs for medical care.

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