Agrani Bank 10 lakhs loan for returnees!

Agrani Bank is giving loans on easy terms to those who are unemploy. After returning home empty-handed due to the Corona epidemic. This bank is giving loans on very easy terms to create self-employment. Any expatriate can easily get a loan without a house or land deed and without any collateral. Agrani Bank 10 lakhs loan for returnees!




5 lakhs in rural areas and up to 10 lakhs in urban areas. Get this loan repayment period of 3 years at only 7% interest. However, in order to get a loan from Agrani Bank, expatriates have to comply with a few simple conditions.




First, there should be a record of sending remittances through a leading remittance house in the country through valid channels while working abroad. Secondly, copies of the visa, permit, and passport will be require. There is no problem even if they are not expire.





With this loan, any expatriate can become self-reliant by doing any business including a fish farm, cow, or chicken farm. By doing this, expatriates will be encourage to send remittances in a legal way. As well as unemployed expatriates will get a place to rest their heads.




Confirming the truth of the matter, Khaled Morshed Rizvi, director. The Chief executive officer of Agrani Remittance House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said that the state-owned Agrani Bank Limited of Bangladesh is always working for the welfare of expatriates.




The bank’s senior management authority and current managing director. CEO Shams ul Islam approved the ‘Expatriate Repatriation Loan’ on easy terms for expatriate Bangladeshis affected by the Coronavirus. Agrani Bank 10 lakhs loan for returnees!

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