Agrani bank loan at only 7% interest!

Bangladesh Bank has reduced the interest rate of bank loans to a maximum of 9 percent since April last year. Since then banks have been following this guideline of interest rates. Some banks have reduced interest rates further. After almost 10 months, state-owned Agrani Bank is now looking for customers to provide loans at 7 percent interest. Good customers who are not customers of Agrani Bank will get this loan facility at low interest. Agrani bank loan at only 7% interest!



Working Capital The tenure of this loan will be six months – within which the entire amount must be repaid. Agrani Bank will give new loans up to a maximum of 70 percent of current capital. The bank launched this new loan scheme in February; Which can be found in all branches of the bank.




7% interest

The bank wants the good industrial groups of the country to be customers of the bank with this facility. Through this, the bank wants to attract the good medium and small enterprises of the country as customers. For this, who will get this loan, some conditions have also been included.



Agrani Bank Managing Director Mohammad Shams ul Islam said, “We have a lot of money lying idle.” So there is no problem even if you give a loan at 7 percent interest. For this, we have taken this initiative to get good customers. We believe that a good customer is a great asset to the bank’s image.




7% interest

It is known that the outbreak of Corona also started increasing when interest rates were fixed last April. And due to the coronavirus, the demand for loans also started to decrease. And according to the global trend, people’s savings started to increase during the crisis. As a result, banks accumulate a lot of excess liquidity. Currently, Agrani Bank has excess cash liquidity of more than Tk 10 thousand crores.



Apart from this, a lot of excess money is invested in bills and bonds. These investments now fetch no more than 4 percent interest. For this, the bank has taken the initiative to deliver loans to good customers by reducing the interest rate. However, as foreign sector banks offer loans at less than 5 percent interest, only time will tell how good Agrani Bank will be able to attract customers. Because low interest and service mean foreign sector banks are quite ahead.




7% interest

Agrani Bank has taken the initiative to provide loans at 7 percent interest, the name is Agrani Rebate Loan Scheme. The purpose of this loan is to provide working capital to solve the temporary financial problems of industrial enterprises. Production-oriented government priority and export-oriented industries will get additional benefits from this loan. Business experience should be five years. This loan must be repaid within six months.




7% interest

The bank has also fixed a qualification of good customers to give this low-interest loan. Customers whose loans have not defaulted within five years. No loan was rescheduled and no interest waiver was availed. Again no demand loan has been created, the customers will get this loan. The customer should inform the bank about the usage of the loan and how the loan will be repaid. The officials of the bank are seeing this new initiative as a good thing in the midst of various problems. Claims that eligibility is relaxed so that loans are not given.

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