Backup all Facebook photos for free in Yandex Cloud

Russian internet giant Yandex has launched a new feature to back up users’ Facebook profile photos. You can copy and backup all your Facebook images through the ‘Yandex Disk’ service on the company’s Yandex cloud storage. In this case, apart from your own uploaded photos, the photos in which you are tagged will also be covered under this cloud backup. Currently, Facebook’s photo backup feature only works on the desktop version of Index. Backup all Facebook photos for free in Yandex Cloud






If you want to get the cloud backup facility of Yandex Disk, you must have an account here first. If you have not registered with Yandex before, go to and sign up for the service. Then login to Yandex Disk and go to Facebook Photo Import option there. Copy the photos and bring them to Yandex Cloud with the necessary app permissions.






Currently, free 10 GB space is being given with sign up in Yandex. After that, another 10 GB of space can be added for a fee of $1 per month or $10 per year. Check this link to see all the tariffs of Yandex cheap package prices.

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