Biodata writing rules in Bengali – CV writing rules

Biodata Writing Rules in Bengali” – “CV Writing Rules” Thank you very much for reading this article. In the course of our lives we often have to introduce ourselves. But when this identity is officially given it is called biodata or resume.






Who am I, what is my identity, educational qualification in biodata or resume? These should be noted. But many of us do not know the rules of writing biodata. Not knowing the proper rules of CV writing makes one afraid to apply for a job. Today we will know how to write biodata or CV writing rules through this article “Biodata writing rules in Bangla”.




What will we know today?

1. What is Biodata?
2. Biodata writing rules in Bengali.
3. What is CV?
4. CV writing rules.
5. What is a resume?
6. Resume writing rules.
7. Rules for writing CV in English.
8. What is marriage biodata?
9. Rules for writing marriage biodata in Bengali.
10. Rules for writing marriage biodata in English.





Rules for writing biodata in Bengali: CV What is CV?

CV, the full name of CV is “Curriculum Vita” its Bengali is the history of life. The term CV is very familiar in our country. When talking about jobs in dramas, movies or even in real life, CV submission comes to mind. But CV is most needed when going for higher education or higher education or PhD abroad. A CV in the corporate world and an academic CV are different.




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An academic CV includes your personal information as well as the various projects undertaken while studying at the university and their results. The thesis topic, awards received in education, interest in any subject etc. are mentioned. There is no fixed number of pages for an academic CV. According to Wikipedia, 69 page CVs exist in the world.




But you will be surprised to know that Amartya Sen, the pride of Bengal, has been awarded by the Swedish central bank. His CV is 30 pages. If you want you can visit this website ( Basically, academic CV should list all academic qualifications, research, degrees, awards in life. But job CV is different. Job CV should be maximum of two pages. In the next step, I will know the rules of writing a job CV.





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Rules for writing biodata in Bengali: What is a resume?
“Resume” is a French word. which means to shorten. Resume is the resume which is written for the purpose of getting job placement. A resume should include personal information and educational qualifications and experience in a concise form. In general, it is not wrong to say resume for job CV. But it generally applies to those who have just finished their studies and are preparing for employment.



Biodata, CV, Resume; What is the difference between them?

I will discuss their differences in detail in this article “Rules of Writing Biodata in Bengali”. Difference between Biodata and CV: Biodata is your resume. Personal information will take precedence here. For example: Height, Skin Color, Religion, Nationality, National Identity Card No. etc.




But the CV will contain your general personal information as well as details of your educational qualifications and experience in short form. The bottom line is that your work will be given more weight in the CV. Write a description of your work and experience there.



Difference Between CV and Resume:


Job CV and resume are pretty similar but there are some subtle differences between them. CV is used in other areas besides the job field. But resumes are mostly used for jobs.




Only educational qualifications and experience need to be added in the resume along with your general personal information. For example: You have to mention your JSC, SSC, HSC examination year and GPA and whether you have done any previous work with it or not.



Because the job recruiters have a lot of job candidate documents submitted to them. It is not possible to view every document for that long. They just put more emphasis on your ability to do the job. Because if you do not have the skills to work, the company will not be able to benefit from you. Now understand the difference between CV and resume.



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A brief description of the difference between a resume and a CV.
Resume should be one page.
CV can be extended by one or two pages or experience.
Resume, those who are going to a job for the first time i.e. applying for a job after finishing education, will use it.
Experience and skills are described in detail in the CV. It is usually for experienced people. Means for those who have worked for many years.


Biodata writing rules in Bengali

If you don’t know the rules of writing a resume correctly, it’s a joke. The rule of writing a biodata is that the information contained in the biodata must be consistent. Eg: If you write educational qualification without writing your father’s name after your name, it will look ugly. If you know the rules of writing a resume, it will show that you are smart.



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How to write biodata:
First your name.
Name of your parents
your date of birth
Your current

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