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Birth registration is a fundamental right of every child. Therefore, the government of Bangladesh has declared birth registration compulsory for all citizens. At present birth registration certificates are used for various purposes. So after the birth of the child, you have to go to the birth registration office and register the birth. But there is not much opportunity to go to the birth registration office and register the birth. So the internet has solved it now. You can easily download the birth registration certificate online copy pdf 2022 using the internet.




Download birth registration online copy

1. Download birth registration online copy
2. What is birth registration?
3. What is the use of birth registration?
4. Download birth registration online copy
5. Birth registration correction
6. Terms for correcting birth information
7. Online birth registration application
8. Where can I get the birth registration form?
9. Download Birth Registration Certificate | Birth registration verification
10. Birth registration fee 2022

Important for you: Collect your ID card online

There are several steps you can take to begin the process of downloading a birth certificate online. Apply for a birth registration certificate online. Then you have to fill out and submit the form. We will explain all these methods to you very easily. Thinking it could be a lot harder. No, not at all, the task is very simple, if you follow the right path you will get a copy of birth registration online. Let’s not know about birth registration online copy download 2022.





Read on to know more:

What is birth registration?

A birth registration certificate is the main document protecting the fundamental rights of a child. And the Bangladesh government has made it compulsory for every citizen to collect it.

Birth Registration Certificate A child’s birth registration law. Which is a birth registration certificate for a child under Article 29 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 2004. In this certificate, the child’s name, gender, date of birth, parent’s name, and address are registered.

This registered letter is attached to the official register. And the letter that the government gives to the common people is basically a birth registration certificate. Originally the birth registration card could be considered an identity card.

What is the use of birth registration?

Many public and private sectors require birth registration. Suitable for everything from birth registration to getting a job at an educational institution. Birth registration cards can be used without a national identity card. The following is a list of the most common types of birth registration:

1. Receipt of National Identity Card
2. Marriage registration
3. Driving license problem
4. Preparation of voter list
5. Open a bank account
6. Passport problem
7. Get gas, water, telephone, and electricity connections
8. Get a TIN or tax identification number
9. Receipt of contract license
10. Obtaining a trade license
11. Receipt of house design approval
12. Vehicle registration receipt
13. Educational Institutions
14. Obtaining import and export licenses
15. Recruitment in government, private and autonomous organizations
16. Land registration
16. Birth registration certificates are also used for many other purposes.

Download birth registration online copy

To download an online copy of birth registration. Visit the online birth registration information system or the online BRIS website of the Government of Bangladesh. You will then need to download an online copy of the birth registration to verify the information provided.





The correct rules for downloading birth registration online copy

A) First, access the online birth registration information system or the online BRIS website.
B) After entering the website you will see a webpage. Which would be like this.
C) The first blank box to verify your birth registration is the one whose birth registration information you want to verify. Then give the number 16 on the birth registration certificate.
D) Write the date of birth in the second box whose birth registration certificate.
E) And if the date of birth is January 1, 1990, it should be written in the second box (1990-01-01).

F) Once the correct information is given in both boxes, you need to click on Verify.
G) After clicking on Verify, all the birth registration information of the person whose birth registration will be verified will be displayed on the screen.

H) The information displayed must be verified. If after checking, if the text Matching Birth Records Not Found is seen. Then the birth registration number or date of birth given in the two boxes mentioned in the box is given incorrectly.

If you do not follow the procedure correctly, you will not be able to download the online copy of the birth registration.





Birth registration correction

No need to worry if any information is wrong with your birth registration certificate. There is a solution. If you follow the right path, you can easily correct your birth registration. You can apply online for birth registration correction. And for that, there is a website called “Birth Information Correction Application”. Its functions are given below.

A) First, enter the “Application for correction of birth information” website. This is how the website looks after entering.

B) Here you will see two empty boxes. There you have to give your birth registration number 18 and date of birth.

C) Then you have to provide all the correct information and click on search.

D) After clicking, the server will display all the information about your birth registration certificate.

E) Then you will be able to see all the information related to your birth registration correction. You have to follow them and apply.

Enter the birth registration number on the birth certificate in the first box and the date of birth on the birth certificate in the second box. You will see information about the birth certificate on the server to provide the correct birth registration number and date of birth.




Rules for amending birth registration.

After providing the correct information on the mentioned website for birth registration correction. Information related to the correction of birth registration will be displayed on the screen. You can apply for birth registration correction by following the information provided.




Terms for correcting birth information

If the information in your birth registration certificate is incorrect, you will need to apply for correction. And if you want to apply, you have to follow some conditions and rules.

A) If the name of the parents of the person registering the birth registration certificate needs to be correct. The birth registration number of the parents will be require.

B) If the parents do not have a birth registration number and the date of birth is before 01/01/2000. Then you can correct your parent’s name while applying for a correction of your birth registration information. In that case, if the parents die, the death certificate has to be submitte.




Online birth registration application

You can now easily register your birth online from home. And for this, you have to apply for birth registration online. Here’s what you need to do to apply for a birth certificate online:

A) You must first access this website.

B) Now select the address from which you want to collect the birth registration certificate. All the information given on the next page should be filled in carefully and correctly.

C) To complete the online birth registration application form, first edit in Bengali (Unicode). Then in English then click on Save.

D) The application form will then be transferre to the concerned Registrar’s Office.

E) Now by clicking on the print button you will get a printed copy of the application form. Which will require an i-print copy to receive the next birth registration letter.

F) Then within 15 days of collecting the certificate indicated in the application form. You should contact the office of the Registrar with the attested copy of the required certificate.




Where can I get the birth registration form?

You can download the birth registration form by entering the birth registration office of Bangladesh or by entering the website you can download this form in PDF format. Which would be like this.




Download Birth Registration Certificate | Birth registration verification

You can click here to register your birth at




Birth registration fee 2022

Birth registration fees are not charge in all cases. But is taken in some cases. And those things are-

A) If the application is made within 45 (forty-five) days of birth or death of any person. No fee will be charge for the registration of birth or death of that person.

B) If the birth or death of a person is registere after 45 (forty-five) days to 5 (five) years, then a fee of Rs. Which will come to US 1.

C) To correct the date of birth, you have to pay 100 rupees application fee. Which will be 2 dollars in US dollars.

D) If you want to edit a copy or information of the original certificate in both Bengali and English. It can be done completely free of cost.

E) If you want to provide a copy of the birth registration certificate in both Bengali and English language. You have to pay 50 rupees. Which will come to US 1.







People now do everything online. Because people lack time now, so now everyone is online. You can now easily do all the work related to your birth registration online. Many times when you go to the birth office to register a birth. It takes time to get the birth registration for many reasons. So there are many benefits to doing it online.

We hope you find the correct idea about Birth Registration Online Copy Download 2022 after this article. Which will help solve your problem.

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