Chelsea won UEFA Super Cup 2021

Chelsea won the Penalties

Capa Arizabalaga refused to leave as a replacement for goalkeeper Willy Caballero when he was added to the 2019 Carabao Cup final against Manchester City. He saved a penalty that day but lost to Chelsea. The Spanish goalkeeper also had to pay a fine for disobeying coach Maurizio Sari’s instructions.

Chelsea FC won the UEFA Super Cup on Wednesday with a 6-5 penalty shootout victory over Villarreal CF at Windsor Park in Belfast to get the 2021-22 European season underway. The two sides were tied, 1-1, at the end of 90 minutes and the end of extra time.

Hakim Ziyech gave the Blues the lead in the first half, scoring in the 27th minute. Ziyech was substituted with a shoulder injury later in the first half, however, as American Christian Pulisic took his place. After some crossbar and post-rattling misses for the La Liga side, Gerard Moreno equalized for Villarreal in the 73rd minute.

                          Chelsea won

UEFA Super Cup

Last night in the final of the UEFA Super Cup, that stage was turned upside down for Keper. In the 119th minute of extra time, goalkeeper Eduard Mendi was picked up by coach Thomas Tuchel. Kepa won the title for Chelsea by blocking two shots from Villarreal in a tiebreaker.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw at the scheduled time. Moroccan midfielder Hakim Ziekh put Chelsea ahead with a goal in the 28th minute. In the second half of the match, two shots from Villarreal missed the target on the goal post of Chelsea. Chelsea won the Super Cup for the second time, beating Villarreal 6-5 in a tiebreaker.

In the tiebreaker, Kai Hawartz failed to score for Chelsea. Kepa then blocked Aisa Mandi’s shot. The Spanish goalkeeper ensured Chelsea’s victory by blocking the shot of Villarreal captain Raul Albiol. His teammate goalkeeper Mendi could not stay in the tiebreaker but expressed satisfaction at the end of the match. “Of course I’m happy because the team won,” said the Senegalese goalkeeper. The match was held at the South Belfast Stadium in the presence of about 13,000 spectators.

Chelsea coach Tuchel also praised the keeper, saying: Analysts have shown me that. Talking to the players, I told them beforehand that this could happen in a knockout match. ‘

                          Chelsea won

Kepa wins the Super Cup for Chelsea!

Penalties: Chelsea 0-0 Villarreal: Saved! Havertz hits his penalty to his right, nowhere near the corner and at a very stoppable height. If Asenjo went the right way he couldn’t help but stop it, and he did.

Penalties: Chelsea 0-1 Villarreal: Gerard Moreno sends Kepa the wrong way and thwacks a low shot in off the right-hand upright.

              Chelsea 1-1 Villarreal: Cesar Azpilicueta’s penalty is very similar to Havertz’s, only better. The keeper goes the right way, the height is helpful, but it’s too close to the post and Asenjo can’t reach it!

Penalties: Chelsea 1-1 Villarreal: Saved! Aissa Mandi has a short run-up, doesn’t look convincing, hits a shot that is unconvincing, and Kepa pushes it clear!

             Chelsea 2-1 Villarreal: Marcos Alonso slips as he shoots, but scores anyway, sending the keeper the wrong way!


 Chelsea 2-2 Villarreal: Kepa gets a yellow card for delaying Estupinan’s penalty, and the Ecuadorian eventually jogs up to the ball and passes it into the side of goal that Kepa’s just jumped out of.

Penalties: Chelsea 3-2 Villarreal: Mason Mount goes low to his right. Asenjo dives to his right.

              Chelsea 3-3 Villarreal: Moi Gómez puts the ball on the spot, steps back, is told to put the ball back on the spot, steps back again, and then curls a shot just out of Kepa’s reach!

Penalties: Chelsea 4-3 Villarreal: Jorginho does what Jorginho does, sitting Asenjo down and passing into the net.

                Chelsea 4-4 Villarreal: Daniel Raba finds the corner of the net, and we’re going into sudden death!

Penalties: Chelsea 5-4 Villarreal: Christian Pulisic takes Chelsea’s sixth penalty, and puts it almost exactly where Raba put the last one.

Penalties: Chelsea 5-5 Villarreal: Juan Foyth goes the same way as Pulisic and Raba, with identical results.

               Chelsea 6-5 Villarreal: Antonio Rudiger is seventh on Chelsea’s list. Asenjo stays on his feet, and watches the ball whistle past him.

Penalties: Chelsea 6-5 Villarreal: Raúl Albiol shoots low to his left, and Kepa gets down to it! Chelsea win the Uefa Super Cup!

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