Chile National Football Team,Copa America

The national men’s team representing Chile in international football, whose activities are regulated by the Chilean Football Federation, the highest governing body of Chilean football. The team has been a member of FIFA, the highest football body since 1913, and its regional body, Conmebol, since 1918. On May 26, 1910, Chile participated in the International Games for the first time; Chile lost 3–1 to Argentina in Buenos Aires.

With a capacity of 46,75, the Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos, known as La Roha, hosts all their home matches. The group is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. Reynaldo Rueda is currently the manager of the team and Bolivian midfielder Gary Medel is the captain.


1982 FIFA World Cup

Chile have participated in the FIFA World Cup nine times so far, the best of which was their third place finish in the 1982 FIFA World Cup, where they beat Yugoslavia 1–0. On the other hand, Chile is one of the most successful teams in the Copa America, where they have won two (2015 and 2016) titles. Also, Chile has been runner-up in the 2018 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Players such as Alexis Sanchez, Gary Medell, Claudio Bravo, Eduardo Burgas and Arturo Vidal have rocked the field in Chilean jerseys.



Federaci de Football de Chile is the second oldest football federation in South America. Its history is more than 100 years old. The company was founded on June 19, 1895, in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso. David Scott was the first president of the organization.

Chile, along with Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, are the first four founding members of the Conmebol. These four national football associations co-founded the South American Football Association on July 9, 1918. In addition, Chile, along with the three countries, competed in the region’s first regional football competition, the South American Championship, later known as the Copa Amrica.


In the FIFA World Rankings, published in April 2016, Chile ranks highest in their history (3rd) and in the rankings published in December 2002, they are ranked 64th, the lowest in their history. On the other hand, Chile ranks 2nd (which they achieved in 2016) in the World Football Elo rating and 59th position. The following is a list of current FIFA world rankings and world football rankings:

FIFA world rankings

FIFA World Rankings as of 28 May 2021 [1]
Position     change       team          points
17           Unchanged   Wales        1560.36
18           Unchanged   Sweden     1569.71
19           Unchanged   Chile          1569.52
20           Unchanged United States 1555.42
21           unchanged  Poland        1549.7

World football came rating

As of June 2, 2021, World Football Elo Rating [2]
Position       change          team            points
18               Increase20     Ecuador        1826
19               Decreases:     Croatia          1826
20              increments1    Chile             1818
21               Decrease2     Ukraine          1812
22               Increase2      Poland            1803


The title

FIFA World Cup

Third place: 1982

South American Championship / Copa America

Champion: 2015, 2016
Runner-up: 1955, 1958, 1979, 1987
Third place : 1926, 1941, 1945, 1967, 1991
Third place : 1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1924, 1935, 1939, 1947, 1953, 1999, 2019

FIFA Confederations Cup

Runner-up (1): 2017

Pan-American Championships

Runner-up (1): 1952


Friendly match
Champion: 1995 Canada Cup
Champion: 2017 China Ka

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