Croatia national football team,History

Croatia national football team

The national men’s team representing Croatia in international football, all activities of which are regulated by the Croatian Football Federation, the highest governing body of Croatian football. Croatian team has been a member of FIFA, the highest governing body in football since 1912, and has been a member of their regional body, UEFA, since 1941. Between 1940 and 1944, as a FIFA recognized team, Bavonia, Croatia, and the independent state of Croatia played 19 friendly matches. But the party disbanded in 1945 when Croatia merged with Yugoslavia. Between 1945 and 1990, Croatia did not compete as a separate team. At the time, Croatian players represented the Yugoslav national football team on the international football scene. On September 8, 1941, Croatia participated in the International Games for the first time; The match between Croatia and Slovakia in Bratislava, Slovakia, ended in a 1–1 draw.

                                  Croatia national football team

The group is headquartered in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Zlatko Dalic is currently the manager of the team and Real Madrid midfielder Luka Madrich is the captain.

Croatia has participated in five FIFA World Cups so far, the best of which has been reaching the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where they lost 4–2 to France. On the other hand, Croatia has participated in the UEFA European Championship six times so far, the best of which were reaching the quarter-finals of 1996 and UEFA Euro 2008.

Players such as Dario Srna, Luka Modric, Stipe Pletikosa, Mario Mandzukic, and Davor Shuker have rocked the field in Croatian jerseys.


The modern-day Croatian party was formed in 1991, shortly after gaining independence from Yugoslavia. Then in 1993, the Croatian football team became a member of FIFA and UEFA. For the first time, they competed in a major competition and qualified for the 1996 UEFA Euros. The team participated in the 1998 FIFA World Cup for the first time. They won third place in the competition and aroused response in world football. For the team, Davor Shuk was the top scorer and won the Golden Boot at the World Cup. Since then, Croatia has competed regularly in international competitions but failed to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2000 European Championships.

                            Croatia national football team


In the FIFA World Rankings, published in January 1999, Croatia ranked highest in their history (3rd) and in the rankings published in March 1994, they ranked 125th, the lowest in their history. On the other hand, Croatia’s highest position in the World Football Elo rating is 5th (which they first achieved in 1998) and lowest position is 26th. The following is a list of current FIFA world rankings and world football rankings:

FIFA world rankings

FIFA world ranking as of 27 May 2021
Position       change       team           points
12            Unchanged  Germany      1609.12
13            Unchanged  Switzerland  1606.21
14            Unchanged  Croatia         1605.75
15            unchanged  Colombia      1600.66
16            Unchanged Netherlands  1598.04

World football came rating

According to June 2, 2021, the world football came rating
Position         change          team           points
18                Increase 8        Wales         1841
18                Increase 20     Ecuador       1828
19                Decrease:        Croatia        1827
20              increments 1      Chile           1816
21                Decrease 2     Ukraine         1812



FIFA World Cup

Runner-up: 2018
Third place: 1998

Hassan won the second title

Champion: 1996
Kirin Cup
Runner-up: 1998
Korea Cup
Champion: 1999
Lunar New Year Cup
Third place: 2006


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