By offering direct loans to international buyers, EXIM facilitates competitive financing for U.S. companies. A fixed-rate loan from EXIM is available to creditworthy international buyers in both the private. Public sectors for up to 12 years in general and up to 18 years for projects involving renewable energy. International buyers can now access competitive term financing through EXIM’s direct loans. DIRECT LOAN






How Can Direct Loans Help U.S. Businesses?

EXIM Direct Loans Offered:

Financing for international buyers of US goods and services.
No transaction size limit.
Fixed-rate loans with an interest rate equal to the Commercial Interest Rate Reference Rate (CIRR).
covers 100% commercial and political risks.
Financing up to 30% of domestic costs in addition to US exports.
Financing of ancillary services and fees, such as financial, legal, or lender fees.






Eligibility Requirements

EXIM only funds US content. Please see our Content Policy for more information.
EXIM can do business in most markets. However, authorities may have limited or no ability to provide loans in certain countries and under certain conditions. (See a list of country restrictions.)
Cannot support the export (with some exceptions) of military or defense products and services, or the purchase of military buyers. (See Military Policy.)
All direct loans are subject to US Flag shipping requirements. (See Shipping Policy – MARAD.)

Buying products from the United States require them to be shipped abroad.
Exim’s direct loans do not have any minimum or maximum limits on the size of export sales.

Capital equipment and services purchased from the U.S. are generally financed through EXIM direct loans. EXIM considers both the economic impact and the environmental impact of a particular transaction prior to approving it (see Economic Impact policies).







Whether you are transacting in the short-term or the long-term, coverage is available. All eligible goods and services in the U.S. supply contract will be supported by EXIM at 85 percent or 100 percent of their value, whichever is less.







The processing fee for expressions of interest is $100. The
commitment fee is 0.5% based on the unused portion of the loan.
Risk fee based on risk (variable, see risk fee calculator).
Fixed-rate of commercial reference rate (CIRR).






Repayment Terms

Repayment terms for a transaction depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the borrower’s financial condition, the common repayment terms that the market offers, industry practices, country, and industry conditions, useful life, OECD and Berne Union agreements, as well as the terms offered by other foreign government-sponsored loans.

There is generally a seven-year repayment term.







AP application: Only the international borrower can submit the AP application if the contract has already been award.

A nonbinding letter of interest (LI) usually contains EXIM terms for the specific transaction if the contract has not yet been award. Upon issuance, LIs are process within seven working days, are valid for six months, and can be renewed once.

If there is a compelling reason for an EXIM preliminary commitment (PC), the application will be accept. Generally speaking, a PC indicates that EXIM’s financing requirements are met by the borrower’s needs as outlin in the application.






Getting Start

EXIM Regional Export Finance Centers can be contacte by phone or in person.
You can find documents online and review the application process.
Contact EXIM for assistance.

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