Driverless truck made in Japan

As you may already know, Google, Nissan and other companies have had great success in developing driverless or automated cars. The search giant has already released its self-driving cars on the road. Recently UK researchers have also discovered cheaper alternatives to these sophisticated vehicles. This is fairly old news. What’s new is that Japan has gone a little bigger and started building driverless trucks. A state-funded agency in the country has completed the development of an automated freight vehicle and is undergoing initial trials.Driverless truck made in JapanDriverless truck made in Japan




The New Energy and Industrial


Technology Development Organization (NIDO) has recently driven four trucks around 13 feet under this program to reduce fuel consumption.Driverless truck made in Japan



These vehicles are able to reduce



Fuel consumption by avoiding collisions with the wind (somewhat like race cars). In 2010, the same company crossed a 50-foot path with three cars, but in 2013, this experiment is facing more success, said the people concerned.Driverless truck made in Japan



Japanese media NHK said in a report that this technology can save up to 15 percent in fuel consumption.



One of the four-truck trials was


Driven by a human driver and followed by three other computerized vehicles. A similar technology is under development in the US military, but the Japanese trucks can also drive alone without a human guide.

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