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The Ministry of Land of Bangladesh has launched a timely e-porcha, e-porcha service. Using the website www.eporcha.gov.bd, you may view or request a certified copy of any register. A new online service called E-Porcha has recently been introduced by the Bangladesh Ministry of Land. E-Porcha, ই-পর্চা, Khatian Online Application, Citizen Login, Mouza, Digital Land Services, Land Ownership Verification all details are below:




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Individual lasers are characterized by unique numbers. Consequently, laser numbers can be used to identify ledgers. A ledger is usually kept for the owner’s land in the mouza. A ledger number primarily serves as a way to identify a landowner.

All the information related to the e-porcha is given in the following link: https://bit.ly/3plwtUb




Khatian Online Application:

You can verify your application information by logging on to the e-porcha website through the Citizen Login option. Having not already done so, you should submit your application through Citizen Corner. Thank you for your understanding. Please provide us with any information that may be helpful.

Information related to Khatian or e-porcha online is given in the following link: https://www.eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel




Citizen Login:

Operate BRAC Office (e-porcha and DRR system)

Information regarding citizen login is given in the following link: https://www.eporcha.gov.bd/citizen/login





The term “mouza” is very commonly used when referring to land. During the survey, a village, union, neighborhood, or mahalla is divided into units and a serial number is given. There is then an assignment of a number to the mouza, referred to as a unit.

Information about mouza is given in the following link: https://www.eporcha.gov.bd/map-search-panel

Digital Land Services:

It is now easier to get land records (pamphlets) or maps than to order daily necessities, books, or food on a mobile app or web platform from home. A notebook or a map can be accessed without having to download an app or visit a website. You need to call 16122 on any phone. On the other end of the phone, the hotline operator will take care of the rest. The application for the Khatian or Mouza Map can be completed in 4 minutes by calling 16122.




Payment can also be made for land development tax. Alternatively, fees can also be paid via debit or credit cards, rocket, development, and other digital financial services. The mobile land service app, the web platform of land.gov.bd, or the UDC can also be used to apply for a plot. The application for the land map can be obtained by calling 16122 and providing land information, along with the applicant’s NID. This information will be submitted on the applicant’s behalf by the call center. To indicate the application was submitted successfully, he will receive a token via SMS to his phone. The applicant will receive an application ID and delivery date on his mobile device if he pays the fee with the token number. An official from Bangladesh Post will deliver the land map to the applicant’s address by the due date.




Digital Land Services:

Also, you can view any citizen laser from anywhere, anytime from the virtual record room. A court fee of Rs. 50 / – for delivery from Certified Copy Counter. How to pay land development tax by calling extra money from home: To pay land development tax, call 16122 (land.gov.bd) and register by providing land information with NID. After receiving the registration information, if the union land office approves, the holding entry will end. Information on the holding number will be sent to the applicant via SMS. The citizen will then have to call 16122 again and give the holding information.




Then an SMS with a token number will come to the citizen’s mobile from the call center. The landowner can pay land development tax on his land within 72 hours with a token number through mobile banking pay-bill. Digital entry will be saved in the citizen’s account within 72 hours of payment of land development tax.

Information related to digital land service is given in the following link: https://minland.gov.bd/

Online Land Ownership Verification:

By getting a spot laser number, you will be able to verify ownership more easily. You can verify land ownership on the website eporcha.gov.bd run by the Ministry of Land of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Select where the land is located to verify ownership. The division has to be selected and the Upazila has to be selected more frequently. Once you select the mouza number, you need to enter the laser and DAG numbers. The name of the landowner and the name of the father should be written after the Khatian number and dag number. To get all the details about your land, you must enter a captcha code and click on the search button.

Information related to online land ownership verification is given in the following link: https://bit.ly/3plwtUb

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