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E-Porcha, the E-Porcha service of the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh is a very timely initiative. Any ledger can be viewed or a certified copy can be applied for at the www.eporcha.gov.bd website. The Ministry of Lands of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has recently launched a new service called e-porch. Under this service, it is possible to easily find out the ledger number of any land anywhere in Bangladesh. If you are interested in the details of the above leaflet then this article is for you.




You can check your ticket online. You can apply for a certified copy of the certificate or khaman if you want. Can You download an online copy for free by applying for online copies? If you get a Parcha or Khatian through a vendor, it may cost you Rs 5-700. You can collect a Purcher Certified Copy by spending a total of Rs 90 including an online fee of Rs 40 and Rs 50 for home delivery. Visit this link eporcha.gov.bd/khatian to apply.




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Under this service, you can easily get all the land-related problems solved. Everything is possible for this if you have an internet connection to a computer or smartphone. You can view any ledger including CS, SA, and RS, or apply for a certified copy on this website. You can get an instant online copy of any ledger from here for a small fee.

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1www porta gov bd
1.1 What is the ledger number?
1.2 Unique numbers are assigned to each ledger to identify each ledger separately. As a result, the ledger can be easily identified with the ledger number. Generally, all the lands own by an owner within a mouza are collected together and include in the same ledger. The ledger number is mainly used to easily identify the owner of the land.
1.3 How many types of ledgers or pamphlets?
1.4 Online e-leaflets
1.5 Online Land Ownership Verification Process
1.6 Collect a certified copy from home
1.7 Land Service Hotline Number

www eporcha gov bd

By visiting this website you can easily find out the land records, deed, and ownership. www eporcha gov bd website can be visited from any country. So if you are out of the country, visit www Eporcha gov bd website from there and find out the information.

What is the ledger number?

Unique numbers are assigne to each ledger to identify each ledger separately. As a result, the ledger can be easily identifie with the ledger number. Generally, all the lands owned by an owner within a mouza are collected together and include in the same ledger. The ledger number is mainly used to easily identify the owner of the land.




Khatian is a book containing all the information about the land i.e. mouza number, the design amount of land shape, the owner of the land, and detailed information including the name of the owner’s father or husband. And the ledger number is that each serial has a number which is called a landmark number or ledger number. The said dag number or Khaitan number section determines the location of the land, i.e. if the dag number or Khaitan number of the land is wrong then it means that the location of the land will be wrong i.e. it will indicate any other land. Therefore, the land ledger is a very important issue, so when selling land, the land ledger number must be looked at very well. If the ledger number is wrong, then any other land will be shown in place of that land.

How many types of ledgers or leaflets? (ই-পর্চা)

There are usually four types of ledgers in our country. E.g.

1. CS Khatian. (Cadastral Survey)
2. SA ledger. (State Acquisition Survey)
3. RS ledger. (Revisional Survey)
4. BS Khatian / City Survey. (City Survey)

Online e-leaflet (ই-পর্চা)

Verify your application information by visiting the e-porch website and logging in from the citizen login option. If you have not already applied, apply from the Citizen Corner option. Hope you understand. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any information.




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The online land ownership verification process (ই-পর্চা)

You can easily verify the ownership of the land by having a dag number ledger number. For this, you need to verify the ownership of the land through the website eporcha.gov.bd by the Ministry of Land of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. First of all, you have to select the section in which the land is located for land ownership verification. We have to follow the path of division election and select the Upazila gradually. Lastly, you have to select the mouza number and enter the ledger and dag number. The name of the owner and father of the land should be mention after entering the ledger and dag no. Just fill in a captcha code and click on the search button to get the full details of your land.




  • First, visit https://eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel
  • Category Selection: You have to select your own category here.
  • District Selection: Select here which district you belong to.
  • Selection of ledger type: Select the type of ledger you want to get out.
  • Select Upazila: Select which Upazila you belong to here.
  • Select Mouza: Select the name of your mouse.
  • Khatian No.: Select the land khatam to get out here.
  • Spot Number: If you have the spot number of your land then select here.
  • Ownership Name: Mention it here if you have an ownership name
  • Father / Husband’s Name: If you have a Father / Husband, select it here.
  • Write captcha code: Type in the blank space similar to the captcha code mentioned here.

Lastly, click on the search option when you are old with the above information.


Can the online copy be used?

No, you cannot use the online copy for any purpose. Only after verification of information can apply for a certified copy. It can be printed and viewed but cannot be used for any registry purposes. Online copy first you verify and get it correct then you apply for a certified copy with fee.




Not only can land deeds be verified online. You can also download an online copy of Parcha or Khatian online. If you want, you can apply for a certified copy of the certificate or khaman with a fee of only 40 rupees.



Collect a certified copy from home

I have so far been able to show you a pamphlet with your landmark number ledger number. This leaflet is not a certificate, meaning you can use it to carry out normal activities. E-Porcha will not be able to give you enough benefits in quotes or other cases. In that case, you have to bring out the original copy of this pamphlet from the land ministry. In this case, the Ministry of Land will send the certified copy to your home by post.




When applying to get a land ledger, you have to choose the option of getting the ledger mentioned in the application form. If Khatian has an urgent need, you can avail the emergency services of the web portal. Hey, but you have to tick the inspection of the application form. After that, if you pay the specified amount of money, the Ministry of Land will deliver the certified copy to your home after the specified time.




Earlier various land records such as SA, CS, BRS duplicate / parcha / Khaitan / certified copy could be obtain from Union Digital Center after one week by applying online. The RS ledger of the land can be found in just 5 minutes through the internet at any time, from wherever you want. This service has recently been launche online. Details to Tuhin Mahmud

What is a ledger?

It is an identification document for a land plot. During the official survey of a piece of land, the surveyor collects details of the land. This was known as Khatian. Khatian means a clear account of the land owner’s name, father’s name, address, details of ownership, land details, mouza number, mouza serial number (JL number), boundaries, land class, occupier’s name, share, etc. When a ledger is copied on a separate sheet of paper, it is called a porch.

Requirement of ledger


Khatian is a very important document in the case of land. When purchasing the land the buyer must verify the ledger and design made through the survey; Land mouza, ledger, and dag number, dag amount of land should be known. Purchase must be checke. His educational background, as well as his alertness and commitment, must be checke. Any problem in the ledger or porch can create obstacles in the case of ownership, purchase, and sale of land, etc. So if there is any problem with it, it has to be fixed. www.eporcha.gov.bd




Land identification is required to determine ownership. At present, it is more important in determining ownership. The ledger is not just the name of the owner; Rather, if the seller owns the purchase, he must be sure of the connection of his ownership. If the seller owns by inheritance, the previous owner has to be match gradually. However, ownership cannot be confirm just by looking at the ledger. For this, transfer documents, possession, submission — everything needs to be coordinate. Apart from this, land registration is require for the collection of land development tax, proof of possession, transfer, facilitation of dispute settlement, preservation of land ownership history to know land titles, share, share, class, verification of land sale time, etc.

The previous method of taking ledger

Earlier, it would have taken about one to two months for everyone to apply for the land ledger or porch by applying from the record room of the district headquarters. In the name of getting the ledger out in a short time, there was the violence of brokers or middlemen. They used to take hundreds to thousands of rupees illegally from the common people. To get rid of these sufferings, in 2011 the then Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Jessore Mostafizur Rahman took the initiative to provide land parcels through an online application. Following the pilot project, in November of that year, an initiative was taken to distribute land online in the remaining 63 districts of the country through the counter, and server room setup.




The applicant was also required to go to district headquarters in that case. The following year, the process of issuing land parcels started from the information service center of the Union Parishad. The e-Land Record Service (ELRS) system was launche in 2013 at 30 Union Information Service Centers in Sirajganj as a pilot project with customer feedback from across the country. After receiving the expected response, the Ministry of Land later launched this service in all the Union Information Service Centers across the country. www.eporcha.gov.bd

RSK system introduced

Although the application could be made from the Union Information Service Center in the ELRS system, there was no immediate opportunity to get the ledger or receipt. After waiting for a week, it had to be receive from the information service center. In view of these circumstances, it is important to avoid complications and delays in obtaining copies of ledgers, reduce time, cost, and travel costs, reduce intermediaries’ violence, make land services more transparent and accountable, and make RS ledgers accessible to the public and provide information on all ledgers.




For this, the work of making a digitalized version of RS Khatian was going on for several years with the help of the A2I project of the Prime Minister’s Office. The latest release of RS Khatian online was inaugurating at the Secretariat on 28th February this year under the slogan ‘Khatian in Hand’. This makes it possible to collect copies of the online ledger through http://land.gov.bd or http://rsk.land.gov.bd or http://www.minland.gov.bd or RS Khatian mobile app.




There are about 61,500 Souza in the country (excluding three hill districts). Of these, a survey of 41 thousand mouza has been complete. Information of one crore 46 lakh RS (ledger prepare in the ongoing survey since 1975) publishe in the survey of about 32 thousand Souza has been made available online. According to the land ministry, the remaining ledgers will be added gradually.

How to get RS service

If you want to get RS Khatian online, first you have to go to https://www.land.gov.bd/pages/R-S-Khotian or the main website of this initiative Tags. Sadaf. mara.Naf. Click on the Citizen Corner in the middle of the home page of the main website. Then the online application page will come to search for the information of the ledger and dag. There you have to select the designated division, district, Upazila, and mouza through the dropdown.




Then you have to give the ledger number, the dag number or the name of the owner, or the name of the father or husband. After giving any one of these you have to fill in the ‘Give Sum’ box for security. Then press the ‘Find Down’ button. Below will show the information of the owner, non-agricultural tenant or lessee, number of dots, and total amount of land as soon as possible through loading. Below are two link buttons called ‘Apply for Certifie Copy of this ledger’ or ‘Apply for online copy’. www.eporcha.gov.bd

RS service

If the client wants to get a certified copy (hard copy) of RS Khatian, he has to press the first button. Then a new page will appear. Normal or emergency delivery, the medium of delivery is to be selecte at the office counter or by post. Then you have to fill in the names, mobile number, national identity card number, e-mail, address, or postal address and give the sum in the specified cell. Normal delivery will take five days and emergency delivery three days. The delivery charge will not be applicable if taken from the office counter. www.eporcha.gov.bd

RS service

In this case, the court fee has to be paid 22 or 26 rupees through Ukash respectively. And if you make it through the post office, you have to pay a total of Tk 72 or Tk 8 through Ukash with a delivery charge. So the service recipient will have to pay the fee from the Ukash number in the box where the Ukash number is written. Then click on the ‘Pay Money’ button below. www.eporcha.gov.bd




On the other hand, if you want to get an online copy, you have to click on the ‘Apply for online copy’ button. On the next page, in the above rules, the name, and mobile number. The summary box must be in compulsorily and the national identity card number, e-mail, and address boxes must be filled if applicable. Then click the print button below to open the PDF of RS Khatian on the new page. It can be download or printed if necessary. www.eporcha.gov.bd

The service will also be available in the app

An app called ‘RS Khatian’ has been launch in the Play Store to provide the service through the app on the smartphone as well.



The app can be download from the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softbdltd.rsk. Once the download and installation are complete, you need to open the app. Then the service will be available through this application in the same way as the website. www.eporcha.gov.bd

Also tracking facility

Those who apply for a certified copy will be able to track their application via the https://www.land.gov.bd/pages/R-S-Khotian link or app. For this, provide the application ID, mobile number, and sum under the tracking box. Fill in the fields and click on the Find button. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd Visit this website, porcha number

Three methods can use to raise land tenure.

1. E-service center for the district: The district e-service center is located in the office of the Deputy Commissioner. We offer a one-stop service through this center.




2. Information and service centers operated by the Union Parishads: Citizens can apply for various services at Union Parishad Service Center (UISC) offices located throughout the country.




3. Web Portal of the District: Individuals can request their land ledger by filling out the prescribed form in the District Web Portal. Accessing the district web portal requires you to go to the district name’s website. When you click on the application button for the land ledger, you will find the appropriate form. www.eporcha.gov.bd

E-preaching facility

There are many benefits to using an e-porch website. And all those benefits are =

  1. You can easily find out the ownership of the land by visiting the e-leaflet website.
  2. You can verify the ownership of the land by searching the land ledger number and dag number using the e-leaflet website.
  3. The e-leaflet uses the landlord’s name or the landlord’s father’s name using the website
  4. You will be able to get the ledger of that land.
  5. Using the e-leaflet website will save you extra money.

The land service hotline number

Bangladesh has been digitalizing. At present, everything in Bangladesh is within reach as a result of digitization. The Ministry of Land is no exception. The Ministry of Lands of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has launched its hotline numbers keeping in mind that the land office is more harassing than the general public. You can easily get all the land-related information by calling the hotline number 16122 for any land-related information. www.eporcha.gov.bd


We hope that you will be able to know the land ownership verification and other information on the land through the e-leaflet website. Bangladesh is moving forward like other countries using technology. Therefore, like all ministries, the Ministry of Land has been transforming into digitization. You can get land information through this website without any hassle. In addition, if you have any problem using this site and want to know other information related to this e-leaflet, you can let us know by commenting.




A: The method of issuing the leaflet with the ledger only has been shown above. If you do not know the ledger number, then you can select the spot number and take out the leaflet. If you do not know either the ledger or the dag number, then you can take out the leaflet with the name of the landowner or the name of the father of the landowner. It is better to say that you will search by typing the name of the landowner or the name of the owner’s father in Bengali. www.eporcha.gov.bd. www.eporcha.gov.bd



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