E-Porcha ই-পর্চা www.eporcha.gov.bd, Ways to Verify Land Ownership Online 2022

The land is an essential resource for every human being. Even if you do not have land or have a lot of lands, the interest to buy land remains. So it is very important for everyone to know the details about the rules for issuing e-porcha or ledgers and how to verify land ownership online. Bangladesh Ministry of Land has started using digital technology inland services. As a result, anyone can now verify the ownership of the land online or take out the land ledger on their mobile. E-Porcha www.eporcha.gov.bd, Ways to Verify Land Ownership Online 2022.




What is an e-porcha/ledger?

Parcha is a Persian word. Which means the deed to identify the land. Documents prepared through surveys for the purpose of land acquisition, determination of land ownership, and assessment of land development tax are known as Khaitan / e-parcha. It is not only a record of land rights but also a deed of ownership. Each Upazila is divided into several small plots. These plots are known as mouzas.



Each mouza is given a number. The number is known as mouza number. In many places, it is also known as Jurisdiction List Number. The mouzas are again divided into several plots. This number usually starts from the northwest point and ends at the southeast point. A specific owner or multiple owners can have multiple plots. A ledger is open for one / more complete plots or part of a plot. According to the mouza, more than a hundred ledgers are bound together. So the number may increase depending on the ledgers. A separate alliance number is also given in the tehsil office for payment of land development tax.




What does e-porcha mean?

E-Porcha (#eporcha, # e-pamphlet) or electronic pamphlet is a land-deposit service process where services are provided to the public using information and communication technology. It is a kind of “information technology” based service. In the past, landowners had to go through a lot of hardships to collect land records/documents. They did not know exactly how to easily collect land parcels from the office.



But now the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh has started a website called e-parcha (www.eporcha.gov.bd). Using this web portal it is very easy to access various services related to land. This service can be availed from any computer or smartphone at home using an internet connection and it will not require any kind of broker or intermediary or office. Any ledger/spot number including RS, CS, SA can be viewed or applied for a certified copy through this website. With limited money, an online copy of any ledger can be retrieved quickly. At present e-Parcha service is available in 64 districts of Bangladesh.




Read on to know more:



Generally, all the land buyers who will buy the land can easily check the ledger of the purchased land online. For this, they have to open any browser from any mobile device or PC and type www.eporcha.gov.bd. When the e-leaflet site is open, you have to click on the Citizen Corner button from the top navigation menu and a form like below will appear.




In the application form shown above, select the division in the house, district in the district, type of Khaitan in the Khaitan (CS, SA, RS, etc.), Upazila, mouza. Then enter the ledger number in the ledger number box and enter the captcha number next to the “Enter captcha code” box and click the “Search” button. If the information provided by you is correct then the name of the landowner will show below. Then by clicking on the application button you can collect the online copy of the ledger or the certified copy.




Rules for issuing online copy / certified copy of e-porcha / ledger:

Without anyone’s help, you can get out of the land ledger with your smartphone. For this, you need to type www.eporcha.gov.bd from your phone.


There is an option called “Citizen’s Corner” on the website for collecting land records online. Going to that option, you have to select the name of the division in the house, district in the district, Upazila in the Upazila, and mouza in the mouza. Must give ledger number/spot number. The ledger can be found with the name of the owner of the land, father, or husband. You can also apply online to get a certified copy of the ledger.

Online copy

In order to get a copy of the ledger online, the name of the citizen, identity card number, phone number, etc. must be given while applying online. After giving the prescribed information, the fee prescribed by the Ministry of Land has to be submitted for the ledger through mobile banking or online banking. If you want to collect an online copy after paying the fee, an online copy can be printed.



After providing the information of the citizen at the time of application for getting the certified copy, the fee prescribed by the Ministry of Land has to be submitted for the ledger through mobile banking or online banking. After submitting the fee, one has to apply online for the certified copy with the owner’s name, national identity card number, e-mail, mobile number, transaction ID, and postal contact address. A certified copy of RS Khatian will then be provided by the concerned District Office or by post to the desired address of the applicant within the specified days. In this way, there is no fear of any kind of harassment or financial loss in the cycle of any kind of broker.




Rules for applying online for Mauza Map:

There is an option called “Citizen Corner” on the website for collecting land mouza maps online. Going to that option, you have to select the name of the division in the house, district in the district, Upazila in the Upazila, and mouza in the mouza. Must give ledger number/spot number.




Land Service Hotline Number:

You may also need to know about various land issues. You may not get accurate information from the village civil or mat bag. We also recommend that you call this number to know more about land/land acquisition. The hotline number for land-related services is 16122. You can avail of the service by calling this number any day except holidays. E-leaflet www.eporcha.gov.bd




Classification of e-porcha / ledgers:

– Survey ledger – BS ledger

– SA Khatian – RS Khatian

– BS Khatian – City survey

– CS Khatianu Diara Jarip etc.

Some important assessments for ledgers and land:

20 til / 06 donto = 1 kranti / conto. 03 Kranti / Conto = 1 Kora.

04 Kora = 01 Gonda. 20 gonda = 01 anna / kani.

15 annas = 01/01 rupees. 18 ears = 01 Drona.

1 gonda = 2 shots / decimal. 01 gonda = 1.2 katha.

01 gonda = 64 square feet. 1 katha = 615 sqft.

Necessary questions and answers

Q: I am Md. Shipon Mia from Gazipur. I needed a leaflet. How do I get the leaflet?

A: Thanks for your question. Go online and search the e-leaflet site with the number of the leaflet or Khaitan. You can find the leaflet with the brand number or the owner’s name.

Q: I am Jamal Mia from Chakoria. After trying a lot I can’t log in to the site; Can’t find the ledger?

A: You do not need to view the ledger. If you go to the website and click on the “Citizen Corner” button and search by Khaitan number or dag number or owner’s name, this Khaitan will show the names of all the people who have it. If you want to download the ledger online, then you have to apply online. For this, you have to pay the fee prescribed by the Ministry of Land. Mail us for details.

Q: If you click on the mouza mouza name list does not come, why?

A: Mail us your problem with a skin shot.

Q: What is meant by BA, CA, BRS, etc.?

Answer: BA, CA, BRS are different types of ledgers. There are four common types of ledgers in Bangladesh. These are – CS, SA, RS, and BS or CT surveys. See the classification info for details of the Porcha / ledger.

Q: I can’t apply for a certified copy online. Only online is selected.

A: Certified copies may not be available in your main police station or district for the time being. For this, you can contact the District Record Room.




Lastly, the use of the e-parchment (www.eporcha.gov.bd) website by the Ministry of Land has made it very easy for the general public to avail of various land-related services. Now a person can access this service from any computer or smartphone at home using an internet connection. So that he does not have to go to any broker or intermediary or office. Let us all now accept this online service for e-Parcha / Khatian. E-leaflet www.eporcha.gov.bd. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Ways to Verify Land Ownership Online

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