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e-porcha, eporcha gov bd | rs Khaitan Land Services, RS Khatian, Mouza Map, Homers Khaitan, Department of Land Records and Survey.



1. e-porcha, eporcha gov bd
2. Ministry of Land – Homers Khaitan
3. eporcha.gov.bd ▷ ledger search – Webrate.org
4. E-porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd to view any ledger. – BD Info 71
5. land.gov.bd at WI. Ministry of Land – Home
6. Two initiatives are taken by the government RS Khatian
7. Department of Land Records and Survey
8. Eporcha.gov.bd-Government Site
9. Land Services – Apps on Google Play
10. Land khatiyan eporcha.gov.bd | RS, BS, CS, BRS… – YouTube
11. e-porch, www.eporcha.gov.bd any ledger
12. Examination of eporcha.gov.bd’s marketing mix and traffic
13. Experimenting with the marketing mix and traffic for eporcha.gov.bd

1. ই-পর্চা eporcha gov bd

Land records, deeds, and ownership information can be found on this website. The eporcha gov bd website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. From there you can find information on the website www.eporcha.gov.bd if you are out of Bangladesh.

By logging on to the e-leaflet website from the Citizen Login option, you can verify your application information. For those who have not yet applied, please do so from Citizen Corner. I hope you understand. If you need any information, please let us know in the comments.

Visit Site: https://www.eporcha.gov.bd/




Learn More, Click Below Link:

2. ভূমি মন্ত্রণালয় – Homers Khatian


Important link. www.bangladesh.gov.bd. Social communication. In planning and implementation.

3. eporcha.gov.bd ▷খতিয়ান অনুসন্ধান – Webrate.org

Individual numbers are assigned to identify individual lasers. As a result, laser numbers can be used to detect lasers. The land of a mouza owner is usually collected and a ledger is recorded. Register numbers are mainly used to easily identify the landowner.


4. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd যে কোন খতিয়ান দেখতে   sportsupdate365

Visit Site: https://sportsupdate365.com/

5. land.gov.bd at WI. ভূমি মন্ত্রণালয় – Home


Land Gov.Bd, www.landgov.bd, www.landgov.bd. Last scanned Oct 14, 2021. Trustworthy

6. Government RS Khatian takes two initiatives


How to Get online RS Khotiyan. • Step 1: Go to https://land.gov.bd/pages/R-S- · Khotiyan. • Step 2: Fill in fields (E-porcha \ RS 2. PNG).

An initiative of the Ministry of Land, District Administration, and A2I Program will digitize all SAs, CSS, BRSS, and ledger copies of record rooms in 64 districts. An estimated 4.5 crore ledger records will be digitized. Currently, online access is available for nearly 23 lakh data points. U.S. Information Services Corporation has provided about 3 lakh 95 thousand records.

7. ভূমি রেকর্ড ও জরিপ অধিদপ্তর (Department of Land Records and Survey)


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8. Eporcha.gov.bd-Government Site


Eporcha.gov.bd is an official website. Its IP address is, and its hostname is (Bangladesh). Ping time is 13ms, and its performance is good.

9. ভূমিসেবা – Apps on Google Play


To meet the needs of citizens looking for land services. The main purpose of this app is to inform the

10. Land Khatiyan eporcha.gov.bd | RS, BS, CS, BRS… – YouTube

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQhqxelhTgs

Free Online Khatiyan Download BD | Land Khatiyan eporcha.gov.bd | RS, BS, CS, BRS, Khatiyan Application… o Join this channel to get access to

11. www.eporcha.gov.bd, ledger so


Having a spot laser number will make it easier for you to verify ownership. The Ministry of Lands of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh maintains a website called eporcha.gov.bd. where you can verify land ownership. To verify land ownership, you must first select the section in which the land is located. The process of division election has to be followed. The Upazila election has to be completed gradually. After selecting the mouza number. You need to enter the laser and DAG number. After giving the register and dag number. The name of the owner and father of the land should be mentioned. Fill out a captcha code and click the search button to get the full details of your land.

12. Examination of eporcha.gov.bd marketing mix and traffic


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13. Experimenting with the marketing mix and traffic for eporcha.gov.bd


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Khatiya (leaflet) must be filled out correctly in the prescribed column to receive it by mail. To pay the court fee attached with the application, go to the e-service center of the relevant district office of the deputy commissioner and purchase the fee. Attach the fee with the application and submit it to the district center. Postal applications can also be submitted to the district e-service center with the prescribed court fee attached.

Court fees can also be purchased from a stamp vendor or an approved USC. You need to provide your current mobile number to know the latest status of your application via SMS. The general court fee for withdrawal of the ledger is 10 taka, the delivery fee is 2 taka, and the emergency court fee is 20 taka, and the delivery fee is 2 taka.

Process of taking land ledger:

A) District e-service center: One-stop service can be availed through the district commissioner‘s district e-service center.

B) Union Information and Service Centers: Citizens can apply from UISC located in different Union Parishads of the country.

In that case, UISC entrepreneurs will charge a processing fee from the district administration at a fixed rate in addition to the court fee fixed by the government.

C) District Web Portal: The person can apply in the prescribed form through the web portal of the district concerned for the district information window. To get the district web portal, go to http://www.bangladesh.gov.bd/ and go to the district window. Then go to the portal of the respective district and click on the application for a duplicate at the bottom right.

District e-service center

After that, a form will come, fill it correctly, print the receipt after clicking on the Dalikh button, pay the court fee and deliver it to the district e-service center. District e-service center After the application of the office of the Deputy Commissioner (name of his district) Khaitan (leaflet/duplicate), the officers of the relevant record room of the office of the Deputy Commissioner have to complete the prescribed work in a few steps. After applying, the concerned office assistant (primary selector) verifies the application and selects and sets the mouza / Upazila-based setting. After setting, the concerned assistant/staff collects the books of the mouza.




Then the original information of the ledger apply from the book of Mouza is entere by the entrant. The comparator compares the relevant record and sends it to the Assistant Commissioner (Record Room) for final approval. The ledger is issue to the applicant only after the final approval of the Assistant Commissioner (Record Room). It is hope that a piling project is currently implement in the Sirajganj district to provide quick. Easy service through which the applicant will not have to bother to pay the court fee.

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