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Get Land Registration and Ownership Online – In this age of information technology the age of science, the world is now at your fingertips in any case you can fulfill all your needs instantly. In the same way, now you can find out the land registration and ownership online very easily. e porcha, Get land registration and ownership online



Apart from this, many times many unknown people were given various types of misunderstandings about land, and the land was taken from them through various means.




Those without their wealth have become known as a madman. So now you and I all need to be aware of this land paper. Especially now you will get solutions to all your problems online.




The land is an essential resource for everyone. You don’t have land or have a lot of lands but you are interested in buying land. So today’s info will discuss how to find land ownership: Khatian rules and online land ownership verification.




Bangladesh‘s Land Ministry is using digital technology in land services. As a result, anyone can now verify land ownership online or get the land certificate on mobile.






Title and ownership of land

All the rules and regulations are mention in accordance with the law as per the prevailing government rules of Bangladesh regarding registration and ownership of land. According to the mentioned rules, most landowners face various problems regarding land registration and ownership. Also, 80 percent of people lose their personal property mainly due to a lack of understanding about land registration and ownership. So all your land registration and ownership problems All the rules are present for you to solve.

Let us know some information about the land title at the beginning of the info.






What is a land deed or deed?

Khatian or Porcha is the same thing. The government document to prove ownership of land is call Khatian. It is call by different names in different areas.





Identity of Khatian Legally – Legally speaking, the document which is publish in Bangladesh Form No. 5462 (revised) with the description of land ownership/ plot after going through various stages of surveying in the official land survey is call Khatian.





What will be cover in the exam?

Land registers contain a variety of information, including owner information. Example:

  • Subject’s or squatter’s name, address, father’s name, and class to which subject or squatter belongs.
  • Location, extent, and limits of land held by subject or occupant.
  • landlord’s name, father’s name, and address.
  • Beneficiary name, father’s name, and address.
  • Khatian under rules 28, 29, and 30, and the lease amount is fixe at the time of making the lease. Stocks of cattle pastures, forests, and fish farms.
  • Information on how rent is determine.
  • 26 Compulsory and reasonable rent
  • Details of tariff increases, if any.
  • Landlord Rights and Obligations Regarding Leases.
  • Special Rental Terms and Modifications.
  • Right of way and other rights to adjacent land.
  • Information about your property.
  • Katian No


What is field paper or what is field paper call?

While surveying the land, a draft certificate is given to the land owners call Manta Parcha. If there is any mistake in it, it can be easily corrected within the stipulate time.



So it can be said that the draft Khaitan used by the land owners before publishing the final Khaitan is call a field paper.






Types of Khatian

There have been three surveys in our country so far. According to the survey, the classification of the land varies. For example-





CS Khatian
SA Khatian
RS Khatian
BS Khatian/City Survey





It may be noted here that there are three types of Khaitan as BS Khaitan/city survey includes RS Khaitan.






CS Khatian. (Cadastral Survey)

The first survey in this subcontinent is CS Khatian (Cadastral Survey). This survey started in 1887 and ended in 1940.

This survey starts at Ramu in Cox’s Bazar and ends at Dinajpur. At the time of the survey, Sylhet was attache to Assam province and hilly Chittagong was not include in the CS survey due to the Bengali conflict with the zamindari system.

So CS survey is the first-ever survey of Bangladesh and its report is call the CS report.

This Khatian is done vertically from top to bottom. Bangladesh Form No. 5463 is written at the top.





SA Khatian. (State Acquisition Survey)

The Zamindari Acquisition and Tenancy Act were pass in 1950. After the passage of the law, the then government announced the acquisition of zamindari.




At this time, the government officials corrected the CS Khaitan and prepared the Khaitan without going to the field i.e. sitting in the office. It is called SA Khatian. In some regions, this Khaitan is called table Khaitan or 62 Khaitan.





RS Khatian. (Revisional Survey)

The ARS Survey was launch 50 years after the completion of the CS Khatian. Correcting the mistakes of the previous Khatian and making it so clear that it has to be relie upon in any ownership, occupancy dispute, or sale.

Since this survey was conduct after the independence of Bangladesh, its Khatian is also calling Bangladesh Khatian.

RS Khatian is drawn vertically like CS Khatian but on one page. At the very top of the form, on the right side of the hand, ‘Resort No’ is written.





BS Khatian/City Survey. (City Survey)

The last survey conducted in Bangladesh (in 1998-1999) is currently ongoing. In the Taka region, it is known as a metropolitan survey.

BS Khatian has 9 columns and mentions the type of land. For example – farming land, ponds, etc.





Why is it necessary to find out the ownership of land?

The buyer must verify the ownership before purchasing the land. Because there is no shortage of fraudsters in Bangladesh. Many people can be deceive into selling land by pretending to be a fake owner.

Also, land ownership verification is also require in the settlement of land ownership disputes.

Heirs may also need to verify the deceased’s ownership before distributing the assets received. Because there is precedent in our country of usurping someone else’s land.





Rules for verification of land ownership

Currently, you can verify land ownership in two ways. For example – one. If you are in doubt about a Khaitan, take the Khaitan to the settlement office and check the Khaitan volume.

If your khaitan matches the volume then the Khaitan is correct or forged.

Two. You can also verify the Khaitan online. If you are using a smartphone, you can view land papers online by connecting to the internet on the set.





How to get the land certificate or how to get the land certificate?

There are two methods of raising Khaitan or currently issuing Khaitan. One is the digital method and the other is the manual method.

You can raise two types of khatis in digital mode. Online application for getting an online copy of Khaitan and a certified copy of Khaitan by post.

The manual method of obtaining the land certificate is to collect the certificate by contacting the settlement office with the certificate number or landmark number.

100 Rupee are spent to remove Khatian from the settlement. And it will cost 50 rupees to get Khatian online. e porcha, Get land registration and ownership online





Rules for online land ownership verification and deed

In this digital era, the biggest advantage related to land is that you can check the ownership of land by yourself at home without going anywhere. e porcha, Get land registration and ownership online






Bangladesh Ministry of Lands launched e-Porcha (www.eporcha.gov.bd) website. Land-relate services can be avail using this web portal. There is no need for any kind of broker or intermediary to receive Bhoomi Seva through an internet connection on a computer or smartphone. Application for viewing or certify a copy of any certificate including CS, SA, and RS can be made on this website. You can get an online copy of any exam instantly from here for a few bucks. e porcha, Get land registration and ownership online

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