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In the case of land, khatian means ‘account’. In order to protect the ownership of the land and to collect the revenue, the land title is prepared by the survey department along with the name of one or more owners of each mouza land, name of father or husband, address, dag number, amount of land, share (part), rent, etc. Says. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Khatian, Mouza, www.bangladesh.gov.bd.




How many types of E-Porcha and what are they?

There are usually 4 types of E-Porcha in Bangladesh. E.g.

1. C. S. Khatian

2. S. A ledger

3. R. S. Khatian

4. B. S. Khatian / City Survey




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C. S. Khatian

In 1940, the British government surveyed that the ledger was made by C. S is called Khatian. In our country, it is considere the primary ledger.




S. A ledger

During the Pakistan period, according to the 16th to 31st of Chapter IV of the State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950, the ledger prepare between 1958-60 was called S. This (State Acquisition) is called Khatian.



R. S. Khatian

The ledger was prepare by the government of Bangladesh with a new initiative to correct the errors in the ledger prepared earlier. S (Revisional Survey) is known as Khatian.




B. S. Khatian / City Survey

The ongoing survey from 1998-99 to the present time b. S says Khatian or City Survey. The work of preparing this ledger is still going on.



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What are the issues in the ledger?

Rule 18 of the State Acquisition Rules states what matters should be include in the ledger. These are-

1. Name of tenant or occupier, name and address of father, what class they belong to, location of their occupied land, class amount, and boundaries.

2. Name of tenant or landowner, father’s name, and address.

3. Rent at the time of preparation of ledger and rent fixed as per rules 26, 29, 30. If the rent continues to rise, then the details of the time and the manner in which the rent increases. Details of the manner in which the rent has been fixe.

4. Money was held for grazing land, forest land, and fish farms. Description of the use of water by the tenants for agricultural purposes and the repair and maintenance of equipment for water supply by the tenants and landowners.

5. Details of own land.

6. Right of way and right of another adjoining land.



Khatian number, dag number, discount number, area number, mouza number, and j. L number, district name, Upazila / thana/union, etc. are include.



The history of making Khatian dates back to the British period. After that, even after the independence of Pakistan and present-day Bangladesh. The process of making khatian was observing in many steps through amendment.

How to get land ledger/pamphlet online

How to land online – The digital age is now underway. At this age, you will find many things at hand.

According to experts, this age is making people lazy day by day. In fact, the use of technology has made our daily life easier and more comfortable. Now you can do whatever you want online at home. You can easily collect various records of any land, whether personal or willing to purchase from the place, by applying online.

SA, CS, BRS duplicate/pamphlet/ledger / certified copy can be collected by applying online from the record room of the concerned district administrator’s office. The land ledger can be obtaine in three ways. E.g.

1. District e-service center: One-stop service can be availe through the district e-service center in the office of the district administrator.

2. Union Information and Service Centers: Citizens can apply from Union Parishad Service Centers (UISCs) located in different Union Parishads of the country.

3. District Web Portal: The person can collect the land ledger himself by filling up the prescribed application form in the district web portal. To access the district web portal you need to contact www.districtname.gov.bd. The relevant form can be found by click on the application button for the land ledger.

There are two ways to apply for a land E-Porcha:

a) Emergency delivery: It usually takes 03 working days.

B) Normal delivery: It takes 8-10 days. Fill in the prescribed column to get the Khaitan (leaflet) by post. The prescribed court fee along with the application can be purchased from the concerned e-service center of the Deputy Commissioner and attached to the application form and submitted to the district service center. Can be submitte to the service center. Relevant Expenses: Ledger Withdrawal Fee Emergency: Court Fee – Rs. 20, Delivery Fee – Rs. 2. General Court Fee – Rs. 10, Delivery Fee – Rs. 2. Source: Dhaka Deputy Commissioner’s Office
Process of online land ledger or e-leaflet. Any citizen of the country from any place or willing to purchase various land records. Such as SA, CS, BRS duplicate/leaflet/ledger / certified copy. Now you can easily collect it from the record room of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office through an online application.

There are two ways to apply for a land E-Porcha:

All SA, CS, BRS, and ledger copies of record rooms of 64 districts are being digitized under the joint initiative of the Ministry of Land, District Administration, and A2I Program. About 4.5 crore ledger records will be digitize. At present, about 23 lakh 20 thousand records have been provided online. Out of this about 3 lakh 95 thousand records have been provided from USC. You need to fill in the prescribed column correctly to get the khatian (leaflet) by post.

Can be submitte to the service center. You can also attach the prescribed court fee with the application. Submit it to the district e-service center by post.

Can also purchase a court fee from a stamp vendor or an approv USC. You will need to provide your current mobile number to know the latest status of your application via SMS. Money. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd

There are two ways to apply for a land E-Porcha:

Procedure for collection of the land ledger: a) District e-service center: One-stop service can be availed through the district e-service center of the district administrator. B) Union Information and Service Centers: Citizens can apply from UISC located in different Union Parishads of the country. In that case, UISC entrepreneurs will charge a processing fee from the district administration at a fixed rate in addition to the court fee fixed by the government. C) District Web Portal: The person can apply in the prescribed form himself through the web portal of the district concerned for the district information window. To get the district web portal, go to http://www.bangladesh.gov.bd/ and go to the district window. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd.

There are two ways to apply for a land E-Porcha:

After that, a form will come, fill it correctly, print the receipt after clicking on the Dalikh button. Pay the court fee and deliver it to the district e-service center. After the application of the District E-Service Center Deputy Commissioner’s Office (Name of the District) Khatian (Form / Duplicate), the officers of the concerned Record Room of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office have to complete the prescribed work in a few steps. And does mouza / Upazila based setting. After setting, the concerned assistant/staff collects mouza books. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, www.bangladesh.gov.bd

District E-Service Center:

Then the original information of the ledger applied from the book of Mouza is entere by the entrepreneur. Apart from the application from the concerne Union Information and Service Center, District E-Service Center, the counter fixed by the Deputy Commissioner, the person can also apply through the designate district web portal. E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, www.bangladesh.gov.bd

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