Facebook newsfeed is getting a new look from March 7

Social networking site Facebook is going to launch its redesigned newsfeed next week. In the process, the Internet platform with more than one billion users will again change some of the core aspects of the service. The redesign will be launched at a media event at the California headquarters on March 7. Facebook shares rose nearly 2 percent on Friday after the invitation to the event was released.Facebook newsfeed is getting a new look from March 7




Next week’s event will be

Facebook’s second major product event so far this year. Earlier in January, the company announced the launch of social information search service “Facebook Graph Search”. However, graph search is still not fully usable.



The company’s CEO


Mark Zuckerberg referred to the Facebook Newsfeed as one of the three pillars of the website. It is constantly updated with comments, photos, videos and other shared content from people in the network.

The last major change to Facebook Newsfeed was in September 2011. That’s when it starts showing direct ads. Since then, as mobile users have increased, the company shifted its focus from the web version to the mobile version. However, after that several other enhancements were brought to the site’s PC interface, including improvements to the Facebook timeline, messaging features.



Most of the features of the computer version are still not available on the Facebook mobile site. Apart from this, although different applications are provided for different smartphone/tablet operating systems, Facebook does not provide equal benefits for all apps.

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