Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error

In WordPress, it is possible to schedule a website post by a simple thing called cron job. A Cron job is an event that is scheduled on a site for a specific period of time. The whole process is done regularly, automatically, and without human intervention. This error is mainly due to the use of Cron job or WP-Cron shows on our website. Today we will discuss Missed Schedule Error of WordPress, and how we can solve this error. This error occurs in the Site Health of our website. This is the kind of error you see. Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error.

Today we will look at 3 methods or ways to solve the Missed Schedule Error. You can solve it yourself if you work with anyone method.


How do we solve the Missed Schedule Error on our website?

We will basically look at 3 ways to solve this. However, as I said before, there is a way you can solve this error. So stay with us.


Method 1: Check the wp-config.php file

Sometimes, WP cron may be disabled on your site, due to which scheduled posts are not being published on your website. We need to check the WP-config.php file to see if WP cron is disabled.



For this, we will log in to the Cpanel of our website. From there I will click on File Manager under Files.

Then we come to the back-end of our website. From there I will click on Public_html.

Then if we scroll a little again from there we will see a file named wp-config.php. Then select this file and click on the Edit option.

We will see such an option. Where we have been told to back up this file. If there is any mistake later, I will upload the file again. You can backup if you want, but I’m not here. Then you can click on the Edit Option again.

Then a code editor will appear in front of us. One line we need to find here is:

define (‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);

We will delete this line from here. From here you can search and find this line.

After finding this line, delete this line. And then click on save changes.

This way you go to the backend of the website and click on the wp-config.php file, define (‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); We can solve the Missed Schedule Error by deleting this line.


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The second method:

Disables or deletes the default WP cron and adds an alternative WP cron
Most of the time this method works. All you have to do is delete the default WP cron and then set up the option.

For this, you have to log in to the Cpanel of our site. Then we have to click on ‘The file manager option.

After clicking on File manager we will go to the back-end of our website. Then from there, we will enter it by clicking on Public_html.

After clicking on Public_html, scroll down to see a file named wp-config.php and click on the wp-config.php file.

After clicking on the wp-config.php file you will see a code editor. There are two lines to be added. The following two lines –

Then we have to find our own writing. These two lines need to be added above this text.

This is how we can solve the Missed Schedule Error by adding the text of these two lines to the wp-config.php file.

The third method:

Using the Missed Schedule Error plugin on the WordPress site

We can solve this using the WordPress plugin. Plugins usually help to increase the effectiveness of the site. As a result, we can do these things very easily. We will install plugins to help publish our missed posts. And with the WordPress plugin, we can easily solve this error. This process is basically very simple and we can solve it very easily. We will fix this error with SchedulePress and Scheduled Post Trigger plugin.

Using the SchedulePress plugin

With this plugin, we can solve missed schedule posts or Missed Schedule Errors. For this, first, we have to go to the WordPress website. Then click on Add New from the plugin.

You have to search in the search box of the plugin by entering the name of the plugin. Then the plugin that will come, you have to click on Install Now. After clicking, you have to click on Activate.

You can use it very easily. This way you can solve this error.

Using the Scheduled Post Trigger Plugin

Go to Add New from the plugin as before, then search by typing Scheduled Post Trigger. Then click on Install Now, and click on Activate to install the plugin. This will solve your problem.

If you found this message ‘missed schedule error’ on your site then I hope this content helps you a lot.

Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error. Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error.

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