Football World Cup 2022, when, where, how, Qatar World Cup 2022

Football World Cup 2022                                                                                                                                          Football is the most popular sport in the world. All countries around the world play football. And this is why football is the game of life of our people.

The most popular football event is the FIFA Football World Cup. Football World Cup 2022, Qatar will host the 22nd edition of the World Cup, which will feature 32 participating countries. The 22nd edition will start at the end of 2022. The Football World Cup 2022, begins with the opening match on November 21 and ends with the final on December 18.

Let’s take a look at the host countries and champions of the last event:

• First World Cup has held in 1930 The champion in that event is the host Uruguay.

• The second edition was won by Italy again in 1934.

• 1938, the host Italy won the Cup again.

• World War II forced Uruguay to win the World Cup 12 years after the host was Brazil.

• West Germany was the champion of the fifth FIFA World Cup held in 1954 in Switzerland.

• In 1958, Brazil won the World Cup in Sweden.

• For the second time in a row, Brazil won the Cup in Chile in 1962.

• The World Cup is held for the first time in England, the father country of 1966. This is the first time England has won a World Cup.

• 1970, Latin America again hosted the FIFA World Cup Brazil also won the service cup, The host was Mexico.

• In 1974, East Germany became the host of the FIFA World Cup.

• Argentina hosts the 1978 FIFA World Cup. Maradona’s taste of the World Cup in Argentina for the first time.

• First World Cup was held in Spain in 1982. Lifted the World Cup in Spain and Italy.

• Many think of Brazil winning the World Cup again when Mexico hosts the World Cup in Latin America in 1986. Maradona’s Argentina won the World Cup, scoring the “Hand of God” goal, dispelling all speculation.

• Italy was the host in 1990, East Germany won the World Cup.

• In 1994, America became the venue of the World Cup for the first time, Brazil wins the World Cup after winning America.

• Hosts France win the 1998 World Cup in France.

• Brazil won the World Cup in Asia in 2002 for the first time. The hosts were South Korea and Japan.

• Italy last took part in the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

• 2010, the World Cup was held in Africa for the first time, Sebar won Africa and returned to Spain.

• World Cup 2014 was won by Germany in Brazil. Having unified East and West Germany for the first time, this was their first title since reunification.

• France won the last colorful World Cup title in 2018, Russia was the host.

The year 2022 is welcomed as Qatar:

Qatar, the host country of 2022, is one of the richest countries in the world today. The value of the currency of Qatar is much higher than the currencies of many other countries in the world. The oil-rich Middle Eastern country has shown great interest in hosting the World Cup. After a lot of lobbying and scattering of money, they got the opportunity to be the organizers.

Some information about Qatar:

Head of Government of Qatar: Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Here is the Prime Minister of Qatar: Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani.

Capital of Qatar: Doha                                                                                                                                      Population of Qatar: 3,009,000                                                                                                                            Qatari language: Arabic                                                                                                                                          Qatar’s state religion: Islam

The weather in Qatar is very hot Especially from June to September, the average temperature in Qatar is 50 C to From then on the temperature gradually decreased Due to this temperature. During November and December will be the first World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022; How to get tickets for the main episode:

Six out of more than 200 countries are fighting for a chance at the FIFA World Cup. The qualifying round of the bone-chilling battle has been going on for a long time. At the end of the subcontinental-based qualifiers, the teams get a place in the main event of the World Cup.

• Europe:

Most teams from Europe will participate in FIFA World Cup 2022. A total of eight countries from Europe will participate.

. South America:

45 teams from South America will take place in the World Cup 10 teams will play to get a place in the World Cup. In the round-robin system, 4 teams will go straight to the World Cup and the fifth team will go to the Intercontinental Play-off as a point.

• North America:

North America has a bunch of teams lagging behind in the rankings 35 teams will play in 6 groups. From there the group champion 5 teams, will go to 6 in the second round. Playing with each other, 5 teams will go to in the final round. From there, the three teams will face Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States. From here, the top three teams will go straight to the World Cup and the fourth team will play in the Intercontinental.

. Africa:

5 teams will play the World Cup from the African continent. For the selection of the five World Cup teams, three rounds of voting will be held. The smaller teams will face off in the first round and the larger teams will face off in the second round. After that, the main fight to go to the World Cup will start from the second to the third round.

• Asia:

4 teams will play the World Cup directly from Asia Another team will get a chance at Intercontinental. Like the African continent, the top four teams will receive direct World Cup tickets after a total of three rounds of play.

• Oceania:

Oceania is a small continent of the world. The number of countries in Oceania is very low. So no team will go directly to the World Cup from Oceania Instead, 11 Oceania teams will compete to reach the Intercontinental, Only 1 team will get 6 Intercontinental tickets.

. Intercontinental Play-offs:

Intercontinental competition between 4 teams from South America, North America, Asia, and Oceania. At the end of the home and away match, one team will advance directly to the World Cup finals in Qatar.

There are various speculations surrounding this year’s Qatar World Cup. Corona epidemic brought the omen of the cancellation of the World Cup. In the scorching heat of Arabia, the World Cup is another challenge for the organizers. This year’s World Cup will be incomparable after overcoming all the adversities, that is everyone’s expectation. Best wishes for Qatar.

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