France National Football Team, FIFA World Cup

The national men’s team representing France in international football, whose activities are regulated by the French Football Federation, the highest governing body of French football. The team has been a member of FIFA, the highest governing body in football since 1919, and has been a member of their regional body, UEFA, since 1954. On May 1, 1904, France participated in the International Games for the first time; Belgium France drew 3–3 with Belgium in that match in Brussels. France is the reigning FIFA World Cup champions, having beaten Croatia 4–2 in 2016. France National Football Team, FIFA World Cup.

With a capacity of 80,697, the team, known as Le Blue in France, hosts all their home matches. The group is headquartered in Paris, France. Didier Deschamps is currently the manager of the team and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Ugo Loris is the captain.

                           FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

France is one of the most successful teams in the history of the FIFA World Cup twice so far (1996 and 2018). France is also one of the most successful teams in the UEFA European Championship, where they have won two titles (1974 and 2000). The second team to win three of the most important and prestigious football tournaments hosted by FIFA.

Players like Remo Copa, Justin Fontaine, Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Didier Deschamps have rocked the field in French jerseys.

                             FIFA World Cup


In the FIFA World Rankings, published in May 2001, France ranked first in their history (1st) and in the rankings published in September 2010, they ranked 26th, the lowest in their history. On the other hand, France’s highest position in the World Football Elo rating is 1st (which they last achieved in 2016) and the lowest position is 40. The following is a list of current FIFA world rankings and world football rankings:

FIFA world rankings

FIFA World Rankings as of 28 May 2021 [1]
Position   change       team      points
1            unchanged Belgium 183.38
2            Unchanged France   1856.3
3            Unchanged Brazil     1842.75
4            Unchanged England   17.6

World football came rating

As of June 2, 2021, World Football Elo Rating [2]
Position     change     team      points
1              increase1    Brazil     2136
2              Decrease1  Belgium  2098
3             Unchanged  France    207
4             Unchanged Spain      2038
5              increase1   Portugal  2034


FIFA World Cup

Champion (2): 1996, 2017
Runner-up (1): 2006
3rd place (2): 1958, 196
4th place (1): 1982

UEFA European Championship

Champion (2): 1984, 2000
Runner-up (1): 2018
4th place (1): 1970
Semi-finals (1): 1998

FIFA Confederations Cup

Champion (2): 2001, 2003

Summer Olympics

Gold Medal (1): 1984
Silver Medal (1): 1900
4th place (1): 1920
Semi-final (1): 1906

Evans coupe title

Champion: 1904 (jointly with Belgium)
Artemio Frankie title (or Intercontinental Race Cup)
Champion: 1985

Chenoa de France

Champion: 198

Kuwait Tournament

Champion: 1990

Kirin Cup

Champion: 1994
Hassan won the second title
Champion: 1998, 2000

Nelson Mandela Challenge

Champion: 2000 (jointly with South Africa)

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