Google Adsense: What is it? How to make money from Google Adsense?

But you have all heard the name Google AdSense. So if you have a website or if you have a YouTube channel or you can create a variety of apps, you can earn money through this Google Adsense. So friends we will discuss in today’s blog what is Google Adsense? How does it work (How to make money)? What is the best way to earn money from Google Adsense? We will discuss everything in detail in this article.

Google Adsense: What is it?

Adsense is a program that allows publishers to sell advertising on the Google website. Adsense is a service provided by Google that lets people earn money by viewing ads on websites and YouTube channels. You can see different types of ads in youtube videos or blogs. But these ads are given through google Adsense. In other words, Google Adsense is a service of Google.

How many types of Google Adsense and what?

Google Adsense consists of two basic categories.

1. Dedicated accounts

2. Non-Hosted Account

Dedicated accounts (Hosted account):

The AdSense you use on YouTube is the hosted account. This is a hosted account that deducts some of the dividends from the income earned through YouTube ads.

Non-Hosted Account:

The AdSense you use on a website or blog is a non-hosted account. This account is managed entirely under your own supervision.

Using Google AdSense to make money (Google AdSense How To Make Money):

Although Google Adsense offers a lot of earning potential, it can also be a time-consuming process. Google Adsense allows you to earn money by showing ads on your website, YouTube channel, or app. You need to monetize the ad first to show it on youtube or web site. In order to monetize YouTube or a website, you have to follow some rules. If you follow those rules, then you can monetize your YouTube channel or website and earn money through Google Adsense. If you show ads there, if someone clicks on the ads, your Google AdSense will continue to accumulate money.

The easy way to get AdSense:

To get AdSense on YouTube or website you need to follow some rules like

1. No copy of the video can be uploaded to YouTube or posted on the website.

2. Some kind of adult content but can’t be posted there

3. In the case of YouTube you have to complete 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscriptions in a year. But you can earn money by appearing for ads through Google Adsense by appealing for monetization.

4. In the case of a website you must create an About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy page. Post at least 20 unique and if the age of the website is at least one month, then you will easily get AdSense approval.

How to open an AdSense account (Create Adsense account):

In any browser, you will search by typing Google Adsense. Then before you enter there you will sign up (google Adsense sign up) with an email id. Then you will be asked to give a link if you have a website then you will give the link to the website. Youtube If there is a channel, you will give the link to the YouTube channel. Then click on your yes, select your country, then fill the form with personal information. You will see that if your content is good, you will get your Adsense within 24 hours.

How to get money from AdSense to the bank (Google Adsense payment):

When your AdSense account is 10 10 old, Google will send you a letter to verify the PIN. The PIN code will be written in the letter. Then you will go to Google AdSense to verify the PIN. Then when the 100 100 in your AdSense account becomes obsolete. You can add a bank account and transfer that money to your bank by adding a bank account.

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