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E-Porcha,  (ই-পর্চা), www.eporcha.gov.bd Visit this website, porch number, Online e-porch, Land service hotline number, and Online land ownership verification all the information is discussed below: E-Porcha, www.eporcha.gov.bd, Khatian, Mouza, www.bangladesh.gov.bd           E-Porcha, the E-Porcha service of the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh is a very timely initiative. Any ledger can be … Read more

To get the registration of the cooperative society!

registration of the cooperative society

The District Cooperative Officer provides the registration of a primary co-operative society consisting of 20 members of the co-operative society. Which is not covered by the government program. To get the registration of the cooperative society! The following steps need to be taken to get such a cooperative society register:      The application of … Read more