Health Insurance for Expatriates in Poland

Poland, on the Baltic Sea, is still an unknown country in Eastern Europe. A language barrier is a concern and the weather is not known to be particularly mild. However, living in Poland has proven to be a rich experience for expatriates who leave their suitcases there. The country is constantly evolving while retaining its cultural and traditional identity and offering everything needed for a quiet and active ex-pat life. Despite this steady growth, Poland’s healthcare system is considere to lag behind the European averages of Switzerland and the Netherlands. Health Insurance for Expatriates in Poland





The Importance of Private Health Insurance in Poland

The Polish healthcare system is universal and compulsory for certain professional groups. You need access to multiple medical services, hospitals, and health centers, but wait times are very long (sometimes years!) and delays are frequent.

Most foreigners living in Poland, therefore, choose to combine basic health insurance with private or supplemental health insurance. Locals opt for the most expensive treatments in private hospitals, which offer better service and shorter turnaround times. However, wage levels in Poland remain low and private sector prices can be very high, forcing disadvantaged people to give up care for economic reasons.

Therefore, choosing the right health insurance is essential to receive the best possible protection.





International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance is the Best Solution for Expats We guarantee a one-stop solution that has you covered.

Foyer Global Health ensures that your insurance plan is perfectly matche to your needs and the situation in Poland. Each policyholder or family member can choose from different levels of coverage. No mutual or complementary health insurance is require. Our insurance will reimburse and support your costs from the first euro.

Our international license allows reimbursement of costs when visiting all Polish specialists, hospitals, clinics, and doctors in your country of origin or abroad. 100% digital course is designed to help you stay safe 24/7 and carry out the refund process from your immigration country at any time.

Finally, grant access to completely free medical services such as B. A telephone consultation or a second medical consultation with a Polish doctor to make your daily life easier and save you additional costs.





Right to Universal Health Insurance in Poland

Residence in Poland gives you voluntary or compulsory access to the public health care system.

Public health insurance is open to everyone. Provides access to free medical care at facilities registered with the National Health Foundation (NFZ). Family members of the insured person (spouse, children, parents if living together) have the same rights after registration.

Employment contracts or paid employees and unemploye persons are compulsorily insured through the General Health Insurance Scheme.

Pensioners, persons under an order or agency agreement are considere statutory health insurance volunteers.

Employers (universities in the case of students) are oblige to register their employees with health insurance companies. If self-employe, the application must be submitte by the applicant. You can get Rights Her Slip online by providing your PESEL social security number.

Registering with a health insurance company provides coverage for emergencies, basic care, and primary care at health facilities affiliated with the NFZ. and ambulance transport





Medicine supply

Medicines are partially reimburse but fully reimburse as part of hospital care.

In short, access to public health in Poland is flexible and requires few requirements. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is inefficient and the quality of care varies greatly between large and rural cities. Considering the uprising of the striking interns, NFZ is increasing its 2021 budget by €2 million. The goal is to improve the quality of care and reduce waiting times.

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