Health insurance in Croatia

Health insurance in the Republic of Croatia is compulsory. This means that all citizens of the Republic of Croatia should have compulsory health insurance status regulated. Health insurance in Croatia




Compulsory Health Insurance is administered by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIEF) and regulated by the Compulsory Health Insurance Act (State Gazettes Nos. 80/13 and 137/13. Interlinking Text).




Health insurance and health care for foreigners is regulated by the Law on Compulsory Health Insurance and Health Care for Foreigners in the Republic of Croatia (State Gazettes Nos. 80/13 and 15/18). inner concatenated text).





Compulsory Health Insurance provides rights and obligations to all insured persons of CHIF in accordance with the principles of reciprocity, solidarity and equality in the manner and conditions laid down in EU Regulation (EC) No. 883/04. Grant. Directive 2011/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 on the exercise of patients’ rights in cross-border health care; , and Croatian regulations on compulsory health insurance.






Persons covered by the compulsory insurance

Persons covered by compulsory health insurance are as follows.

foreigners with permanent residency granted in Croatia Citizens of other provinces who are permitted to reside and to which special conditions apply on the basis of employment with an employer based in Croatia, i.e. on the basis of carrying out economic or professional activities in Croatia The Regulation on the Residence and Employment of Foreigners has granted temporary residence in Croatia to 4,444 nationals of other EU/EEA/Switzerland member states. Her Republic of Croatia residence from Switzerland and a non-EU/EEA/Switzerland member state with a





Nationale temporary residence permit.

An application, modification or cancellation of compulsory health insurance may be made at any local or branch office of CHIF within 8 days from the date of termination of the modification or status to qualify for compulsory health insurance.




Insured persons from other Member States and Contracting States of the EU/EEA/Switzerland

Persons with health insurance in any other Member State or Contracting State of the EU/EEA/Switzerland during their stay in Croatia have international agreements with social insurance regulating the use of health care (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, North Macedonia) use health care in accordance with European regulations or international treaties You are a CHIF insured person.




Entitlement to compulsory health insurance

Entitlement to compulsory health insurance in Croatia includes the right to financial compensation and the right to medical care.
Health care rights include: Orthopedic and other medical prostheses according to CHIF and
Basic and Supplementary Lists of Orthopedic and Other Medical Prostheses and
Right to cross-border medical care.

Statutory health insurance also covers claims based on workplace accidents and occupational diseases.






Healthcare is provided at the primary, secondary, tertiary, and health facility levels.
Primary-level health services are granted to insured persons by CHIEF, generally at the discretion of their physicians and dentists, based on their place of residence. Foreign policyholders who require health care while in Croatia must do so at the expense of a foreign health insurance company. You may not choose your doctor, but you may consult your primary health care physician for the purpose of receiving primary health care services.





Primary Care is provided by:

General/Family Care
Preschool Care
Women’s Care
Field Nursing
Corporate Care
Dental Care
Sanitary and Epidemiological Care Services
Laboratory Diagnostics
Pharmacy and
Emergency Medicine.




Second and third-level care will be provided based on the patient referral form received from the selected GP.
The second level of health sector activities consists of the provision of specialist and hospital care, and the third level consists of the most complex forms of specialist and hospital care provision.






Insured persons are obligated to share in medical costs for services not fully covered by CHIEF. The minimum participation amount is HK10.00 and the maximum amount cannot exceed HK2,000.00 per invoice.





Individuals with health insurance covered by CHIEF are entitled to contract with CHIEF to obtain supplemental health insurance to cover the cost of participation. Health insurance in Croatia




Organization of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund is divided into the CHIEF General Directorate, 4 Regional Offices, and 16 Branches.

For contact details, please visit
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia monitors the legality of CHIEF. Health insurance in Croatia 

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