How Blog Post Breadcrumbs Works, What is Breadcrumbs SEO

Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO helps a lot to rank your blog post on Google, with the help of this SEO technique, new blog posts can also be ranked on the first page or first place of Google. How Blog Post Breadcrumbs Works, What is Breadcrumbs SEO.

No Google SEO Techniques can rank your blog post within a day or a few days. Still, if you have a new blog or you are working very hard on the old block, then you can use this Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO Techniques I have told you.

In Today’s Blog Post, We Will Talk About Blog Post Breadcrumbs Does That Too? Breadcrumbs SEO? What is the advantage of Breadcrumbs SEO?

What is Breadcrumbs SEO? Breadcrumbs SEO 

Breadcrumbs SEO is a great navigation structure for any website. This navigation structure guides the user and the search engine in a good way about each of their pages.

Example number 1:

As you check this product off Amazon, then you will see Breadcrumbs SEO right on top of it. From the home page of Amazon to the category and sub-category, the link is visible in that place.

With the help of these small SEO components, the user and Sachin are navigated about this party cooler page.

Example No. 2: Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO

In this picture, a website has used Breadcrumbs SEO inside every single blog post and page. In which it can be clearly seen that first the home page followed by the category page and then a post has been navigated.

Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO I am also providing information about this specified block post to the user and the search engine in the same way.

Therefore, Breadcrumbs SEO is an important SEO structure, this structure provides the structure of any page or post specified on any website to Google as well as the user.

With the help of this structure, it is very easy for the search engine to crawl the page or post of the website and get a ranking by indexing it.

The blog post Breadcrumbs does the same

Today we will talk especially about Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO because there are many ways to use Breadcrumbs. But we will discuss how to make the easiest and SEO-friendly breadcrumbs structure.

Well, you need to know which theme is in your blog and which SEO Plugin plays the biggest role to do Blog Post Breadcrumbs SEO.

I mean to say that according to the theme and plugin of your blog, you will have to create Breadcrumbs Structure. There are so many WordPress themes inside which just pressing a button will enable your blog’s breadcrumbs.

But there are many themes in which some setting has to be done. I am going to give you detailed information about some such popular WordPress themes.

Apply Breadcrumbs to GeneratePress WordPress Theme

First of all, let’s start how to put breadcrumbs in GeneratePress WordPress Theme. But even before that, you need to know that the 2nd version of GeneratePress is used to create a blog website.

  1. GeneratePress Child Theme (Free)
  2. GenetarePress Premium Theme (Paid)

So there are two different ways to activate Breadcrumbs in these two types of GeneratePress WordPress Theme.
How to activate Breadcrumbs in GeneratePress Child Theme

There are different ways to activate Breadcrumbs in GeneratePress Child Theme within different SEO Plugins.
How to Activate Breadcrumbs under GeneratePress Child Theme in Rank Math SEO Plugin

First of all, you have to install, the Active, and Basic setting Rank Math SEO Plugin from WordPress Plugins Library.

Step 1:

After that, you have to go to the Dashboard of this plugin and complete the steps given below.

Carefully you have to turn on the Enable breadcrumbs function. And after coming down a little, you will see an option which is “Show Category(s)”

If you have a sub-category inside your main category, then this button has to be turned on. Finally click on the Save Changes button.

Step 2:

Now you have to do a little customization inside the theme. For that follow the steps given below.

Appearance >Theme File Editor >functions.php

Now you have to copy the below-given PHP code and paste it at the bottom of functions.php.

After pasting this code, click on the Update button. So in this way you can activate Breadcrumbs inside GeneratePress Child Theme in Rank Math SEO Plugin.
How to Activate Breadcrumbs in Rank Math SEO Plugin under GeneratePress Premium Theme

To activate Breadcrumbs with the help of Rank Math SEO Plugin inside GeneratePress Premium Theme again you have to follow 2 steps.

Step 1:

Go to the Dashboard of Rank Math Plugin and complete the steps given below.

Step 2:

You have to change something inside the GeneratePress Theme. follow the below step

Appearance >GeneratePress >Modules >Elements >Elements active

After activating Elements, refresh the page and an option named Elements will appear on the top right side. Have to click on it.

  1. Click on Add New elements.
  2. Click on Choose Element Type.
  3. Select Hook from the drop-down menu and click on the Create button.
  4. Now give a title of Hook, paste the PHP code you copied from Rank math Plugin in the box below it.
  5. Set Hook Before Content in the setting area.
  6. Tick ​​Execute PHP.
  7. Select Display Rules
  8. Set Location to All Singular.
  9. Publish by clicking on the button Publish on the right side.

Now open any one post of your blog, you will start seeing Breadcrumbs on top of the title.

Well, how did you like this post, do tell us about it in the comment section.

How Blog Post Breadcrumbs Works, What is Breadcrumbs SEO.

How Blog Post Breadcrumbs Works, What is Breadcrumbs SEO. Thank you all very much.

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