How can I protect my Facebook/YouTube from hacker attacks?

I use Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and various bank accounts on my phone. How can I protect my Facebook/YouTube from hacker attacks?






If you make a mistake in entering your password, or if someone somehow knows your password, anyone in the internet world knows your password and can learn anything. As a result, you will suffer an unimaginably large loss.






Most people enter their password by writing their name, phone number, or date of birth in lowercase. Many people write their loved ones’ names, numbers, and dates of birth. Some of us are stupid enough to leave passwords like 12345 and twist them to write numbers. So you stored the password like this. Would you mind telling me how you found it?







How to protect Facebook/YouTube from hacker attacks?

As I said before, don’t store passwords like that. Ordinary people like us probably can’t hack your account password. So in this article, you will learn how to create a strong, beautiful, and secure password. This password is easy to remember. You also know that our mistakes could allow others to figure out our passwords and hack our accounts. Let’s get started.







• Do not use the same password for all accounts:

The first mistake we make is to use the same password. If everyone uses the same email address and password on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or various social media, this is the first mistake.






Your Gmail or email account will be hacked if the app you are using is untrusted and phishing is used. So, if you are using this Gmail or email account on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., they will also get hacked instantly. There can be no such mistake.






In this case, you can save your Facebook password. You can also save Instagram passwords. Save your Twitter password again. Doing this makes it harder for hackers on your account to hack them easily and makes it harder for them to guess your password.






• Don’t Store Simple Passwords:

Most people distribute simple passwords so they don’t forget them. For example, he puts an arbitrary number next to his name. Using such a password can lead to rooting your account or performing a dictionary attack on your account. This is part of hacking.






So you don’t have to enter your password easily. You should assign a slightly stronger password. Also, if you have a hard time remembering your password, save it somewhere.






Saving passwords:

When you enter your passwords on your phone, computer, or laptop in Chrome, browser, Facebook, or social media apps, you notice that the questions are: maybe.





The question is do you want to save the password? Then click on the save option and the password will be saved. This means you don’t have to keep logging in with your password. not moving






I think I forgot my personal mobile laptop or computer somewhere. For some reason, your relatives or friends grabbed this phone, laptop, or computer and for whatever reason broke into your social media, chrome, or your browser… Access your Chrome browser app directly without needing a password. As a result, they get to know various personal things about you. There is another reason.








Saving passwords:

This is because if you go to social media or a Chrome browser and see that your account passwords are saved when you go to that Chrome or browser settings, the password you entered is because you can check. Again, he can keep your account on his phone or computer, but you’ll be at a big loss.





Again, strangers can change your password. Then he can give your account the password he gave you on his mobile or computer. Then he can delete the account from your phone or computer and do it on his phone or computer. increase.






Remember to save your mobile or computer password every time you enter it. Don’t save passwords, even if you sign in on someone else’s phone or computer. If saved, your account can easily be hacked.




So far we have talked about the mistakes you make. Can a hacker or someone else hack your password if it is strong and hard to guess? To do. Exceeding that is fine. There is no limit to how much you can hold.





• Next, when creating a password, make sure you use (numbers or a combination of upper and lower case letters and some symbols) in your password.






• If your account is very sensitive, you should use a strong password for that account. To do this, you’ll need to use two-factor authentication.







And consumption – what is indigo?

So the password created using the following three statements is: ($uP€rM@n1896). The passwords we provided are just one example of how to follow this guide to create good passwords. This password will be easier to remember.






If you have any questions, please contact us. Now you can fix all your mistakes. If you don’t receive it, you will suffer. Then follow the instructions on how to set your password.






If you can correct the mistake and understand the instructions. Also, setting a password according to the instructions makes it very difficult for an experienced hacker to hack your password or account. Facebook/YouTube from hacker attacks

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