How can I see my voter ID card?

Have questions about how to view your voter ID card? As we are citizens of Bangladesh. So we have to be voters. When we are voters. Then we are given voter ID cards by the government. Sometimes it takes a long time to get a voter ID card. But a voter ID card is available online as soon as you become a voter. How can I see my voter ID card?




So many people want to see voter ID cards. Today I will answer the question in your mind that how to see your voter ID card. As a result, you can see your voter ID card very easily.




How can I see my own voter ID card?

When you became a voter you filled out a form. After becoming a voter, the lower part of the form is given to you. The bottom part has 8 numbers. We will need that number 8. Without that number, you will not be able to view your voter ID card.



Things you will definitely need:

  • 8-digit number of registration form slip
  • date of birth
  • Your current permanent address
  • Computer or smartphone

Collect your ID card online

You can easily check your voter ID card online. To view the ID card first you need to go to Election Commission Bangladesh website.



Then you need to register. For this, you need to click on the registration button.




Then a form like this will appear.

You must fill out this form. If you don’t understand something, there are detailed rules on the side. Understand all the rules well and then register.


Here you will need 8 marks of that slip. Then you enter your date of birth. Enter a code and fill it in. Then click on submit button. A form like this will appear.


I will submit your address here. Important so that no mistakes are made.




Then click on the next button.

You will be taken to the next page. There will send a code to your mobile number. If you do not use that mobile number in any order.



In this case, you can add a new number. A code will appear on that number. You need to fill in that code. Then a page like the one below will appear.



To verify your face, you need to go to Google Play Store and download the app called NID WALLET. Then you need to scan the mentioned QR code with this app. Then you will get an option for face verification. There you can see life with your selfie camera.



Then click the OK button. Then turn your head left and right again. Click the OK button. A new page will appear. you are welcome Then this app will end. Go back to the previous place.

Then update username with password. Then you can see a page like this.




ID cards

From here you can see the voter ID cards. You can download it again. Hope your question is about how to see your own voter ID card. Got the answer.



Then you can see your voter ID card. You can easily download it from there. Hopefully, you got your question answered and how to view the new ID card.



Finally, I would say: Hopefully, how can I see my own voter ID card mentioned above? I was able to give a rough idea about it.

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