How to blog on mobile

You don’t have a laptop, you don’t even have a computer, so don’t worry if you’re wondering how mobile blogging works at this point, I’ll tell you a 100% different way, I’m going to give one. Computer on your mobile, with the help of which you can do blogging from mobile without any effort. How to blog on mobile.

If you think I’m going to tell you like a human that you download a Blogger app or download a WordPress app, you’re wrong, I’m going to give you a complete computer to help you create your blog. You can do full customization like I do because I don’t have a laptop or computer.

What is a Mobile blogger?

You need to have a clear idea of ​​what blogging is and what things are needed to set up a blog. Then your suspicion is whether mobile can do blogging or what mobile can do blogging. The question will be answered. Speaking of setting up a blog, all you need to do is connect to the internet, you need anyone device, be it a laptop, computer, or your android mobile whether the work of the blog is inside the internet, you have it. Per.

I hope that after you understand all the funds, you will also say that the mobile I have is enough for blogging. But my friend, there are some points that can be difficult to do with mobile.

Learn how to make mobile into a computer for blogging

First, you need to install 2 apps from the Google Play Store, one named Userland and the other called VNC View.

After installing, open UserLand, when it opens, you will see many options, what you see at the moment is the app section inside, so from these apps, you have to find Lxde and click then click on Do it Now. Please. I want some permission from you, grant permission, now you need to create a username, a password, and a VNC password.

Enter all lowercase letters in the username and add a number at the end

Now keep the password and VNC password the same, remember it to be 8 digits and write it on a piece of paper or remember it well. Then see below there is a button of Continue, click on it. After clicking, a new tab will open where you will see three options, in which you have to click on VNC and then click on the Continue button below. A pop will tell you that an 80 MB file is going to be download inside your phone. If your phone is not connect to WiFi then this data will be cut off from your phone data, then you have to continue as it is. . Then a file download will start, and you have to wait sometime.

After the download is complete, setting up the file system will show you on the same screen. You don’t have to do anything, this file system will be set up automatically, and it may take you 10 to 12 minutes.

Once the system is complete, you will be automatically taken to VNC Viewer. Which we download at the beginning, now you have to click on the OK key button. Then a new page will open at the top right of that page. And there’s an OK button. You have to click on it, then you have to enter the VNC password that we create earlier.

Start VNC after the password

Then click the Continue button at the top, now the system will start loading inside VNC Viewer, now you can skip the popup page and you will see that your system is working.

After clicking the skip button, you may have to wait 15 to 20 minutes but don’t click on what’s going on in the back. All the work will be done automatically and will happen automatically, you don’t have to do anything. Wait while downloading, I tell you this is not illegal, this is the right way for people who do not have a laptop computer, they create laptop or computer environment this way, I like it a lot I use it from day one and I like it Taking advantage. When your system is complete, it will be written in blue and red. Restart your VNC viewer below.

Close all the apps by clicking on the home screen button of the phone and do it again as before. Open the Userland application, then click on Lxde as you click will take you directly to the VNC viewer, enter your password there and click OK.

Start VNC after the password

Now to control this computer, you will also get a cursor, if you move your finger from the right side. Your computer will start controlling, you will get an earth view at the very bottom left, if you click on it the computer will start.

Basically, you will find the Firefox browser of a perfect computer, with which you can do all the work. And yes, for the keyboard, drag the screen from top to bottom, then a screen will appear, with the keyboard symbol inside.

There are also minor issues, such as not being able to upload media directly from the phone and copy-pasting from any of the phone’s browsers. I’m also telling you the solution, don’t worry, now look at the appearance of this computer, if you can check now by typing the name of my site.

However, I say the name of my site is Now I am talking about the main work computer so you got it inside your phone, but with the help of this computer, he can make a mobile blog or this mobile blog. kare

He made mobile blogs

As I said before, no matter how much work is involve with blogging, it all comes from within the Internet. So using S Computer, you can reduce everything inside the Internet that can be done from a real computer or laptop. To be able to. But if you are brand new, if you do not know how to set up a blog, be it mobile or computer and you are looking for mobile blogging then you must follow my blog post given below. Read on, you have been told all the ways to set up a blog from start to finish. You can set up a blog site very well by watching or reading.

I hope that after reading this blog, you must know that mobile makes blogs, so at this time you can create a good block using the computer that I have made inside your mobile from your own mobile.
She likes mobile blogs

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Here, open it by installing Google Keep and start writing whatever you want to write a blog about, you can also type or write a blog with voice typing.

How to create an image with a blog from mobile

We have learned a lot from mobile blogging, so you also need to learn how to create a blog image from mobile? If you really want to create an image or know how to create an image, you can use the Canvas app. But if you want to download the image from a copyright-free image website and edit it well to keep it on the block, you must install the Pixellab application. First, download the image for the blog.

Who downloads the image of the blog?

Friends, there are many websites that give you the option to download free copyright-free images. But you also need to know the terms of these people, otherwise, your blog may be copyright. I always use two websites. Named and, you can close your eyes and download the image from these two websites and put it inside the block, no problem.

How to run Pixel 

If you want to change the color, size, or text of the image you just downloaded, you can do so with Pixellab, first open Pixellab.

  • Click here and set the background color
  • On 3dot at the top right and set the image size
  • Click on the plus icon on the left and take a picture from the internal memory
  • After editing the image, click here to save the image

I know you won’t learn much through this short tutorial but install this app now and after some time you will understand all the functions.

Blog image optimization

Friends, after creating the image, you also have to optimize it, so now you need to install a small application called QReduce Lite to do this work on the mobile blog image optimized case.

It is very easy to use, it allows you to convert any photo of your choice to KB. Open the app, select the photo from the gallery by clicking on the image of the juice, then place it below KB 10KB, 15KB, or 20 KB. Apply accordingly, then click on the Start button just below, then your picture will be save.

He optimizes the blog by phone

We will use the computer to optimize the blog which is man-made, which means we will bring h1, and h2 inside the block or we will make the text bold. To do this, first, open the phone’s Chrome browser and then if you have a blog in WordPress, open the WordPress admin panel or if you have a blog in Blogger, open and then block first. Whatever image you have. Yes, upload.

If you want to paste the article from here, copy and paste the article where you wrote it and then save the draft. Alternatively, I manage the article, first I open this computer and then first I log in and then open Google Keep and then I open Blogger Dashboard and copy and paste from one cab to another. Now you open that computer and there you open Blogger or WordPress admin panel, you will see that what you have uploaded from here is visible everywhere, now you can do it from there in a good way. Optimize it.

Because optimizing with Chrome browser is not so good.

Now after coming here, suppose you want to make any line as h2. Then bring the head above that line, type double, and move to the right. Then the line will be select and then you can place it in h2. change If you want to bolt anywhere. In the same way, select it and click on the B at the top, then your letter or word will be bold.

Whether you’re looking for a Google search console or checking Google Analytics, you can easily do this with the help of this browser or this computer.

Friends, I think you are fully aware that if you do not have a computer or laptop, then mobile does blogging.


Is it valid?

Yes my brother is absolutely legitimate

Would it be safe to work on such a computer?

No one can guarantee this brother, I work this way because I don’t have a computer laptop, so you have to decide for yourself whether you will work or not.

This allows for complete blogging

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Blogging ain’t for me either.

My advice

If you want to fully optimize your blog, you will need it, then you can try it.

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