How to create a website? What is web design?

Website design generally refers to designing a website. Website design is how the user will see the interface after entering the website. As almost all jobs are internet based, there is a huge demand for manpower in this sector, but there is a shortage of skilled manpower. Consequently, it plays an important role in shaping career paths. If you are interest in working in this subject, you must have knowledge about coding like HTML, CSS, javascript, etc. However, in general, you only need to learn HTML to build a website. However, you must try to learn other coding languages ‚Äč‚Äčalong with it. How to create a website? What is web design?



How to create a website?
What is web design?

Putting your website higher in search engine results is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

More simply, when you search for any information, you will see the list of different websites which are above and which are below, the work of SEO is to show a website above. Then surely now you can guess how much it is need. If your website is at the bottom then no one will bother to go down and visit your website. This is why everyone tries to rank their website high and why it is so important. So, if you can learn it well then think about your career. It will not happen (In Sha Allah).




Photo Editing:

Who doesn’t like something beautiful? Beauty is the first attraction of anything. And using this idea, photo editing occupies a large place in the freelancing sector.


Photo editing refers to making a photo more beautiful. Photo editing plays an important role in everything from branding to advertising. Since these are not possible with stock photos and necessarily require unique photos, they are impossible without photo editing.


These works are done with the help of tools such as airbrushing. Color correction and the most use software is Adobe Photoshop. But if you can learn Adobe Illustrator as well, your work will be impressive.


If you are still worrie about working on this, know that many big companies have them too. They don’t want to hire someone permanently for these jobs or do online jobs for money because they need it sometimes not always.

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