How to Creating WordPress sites in subdirectories

What if we could produce one or two websites under one website? The moment is principally our discussion. Do you want to install or produce your WordPress website in a sub-directory or sub-directory of a point? If you want to make it, also this composition will be perfect for you. Find out further about”Creating WordPress Spots in Subdirectories” in the moment’s composition on Subdirectory. How to Creating WordPress sites in subdirectories.


We know that WordPress is a simple medium through which we can fluently manage a point. So WordPress helps us to produce one or further websites under the name of a sphere or a subdomain. This type of point is principally a sub-directory or sub-folder. Still Subdirectory but not Subdomain. Its details will be bandied below. I hope you can find out a lot in this composition on “ Creating WordPress Spots in Subdirectories”.

What is a subdirectory?

Classifying a website under or under a point’s root sphere. A subfolder in the root sphere is used to organize the contents of a website, which is principally called a subdirectory. By this, we principally use one or further spots on a website.


A URL first appears in a subdirectory after the name of the website or root sphere. Suppose, you must know which main sphere or root sphere, the name of the root sphere ( illustration. Com) will be like this. And the name of the subdirectory will be this kind of- illustration. com/ commodity. It can also be like this- illustration. com/ commodity/ commodity.

What is a subdomain?

The subdomain is another part of a root sphere. Website sphere name processes are distributed. For illustration, the name of a mobile company’s website-, also its name will be mobile If the company wants to use a subdomain now. illustration. com.

It turns out that the subdomain is nearly related to the root directory. But there will be separate CMS and new website templates etc.

What are the differences between subdomains or subdirectories?

Then are the differences between Subdomain and Subdirectory in this composition on creating WordPress spots in subdirectories.

Using a subdomain website will take one person to manage it again. Using the sub-directory website doesn’t bear redesigning the main website.

Subdomain websites are generally counted as separate websites. But sub-directory websites aren’t counted as individual websites.

Using subdirectories gives sphere authority automatic root disciplines. But using subdomains does not inescapably mean that. In this composition, you’ll find the details of creating WordPress points in the subdirectory.

Which is better, subdomain or subdirectory (creating a WordPress site in a subdirectory)?

It’s totally up to you. However, depending on the following four issues, it is better for you to use a subdomain website.

  • For users
  • For branding
  • website development
  • Specifically for SEO

Website user:

Stoner When a stoner comes to your point, Judi goes to another point of that website from that website while browsing, also it’ll be a little delicate for him. And if there are more spots, stoner spots can come out. It can be one in terms of stoner experience.

For branding:

When a company wants to produce another website in addition to its main sphere, the subdomain website is stylish. Because the main sphere is Judi ( illustration. Com). In that case, the company ( commodity. illustration. Com) can produce a website.

Therefore subdomain website is veritably important for website development and SEO. So it’s over to you which one to use. So read this composition in detail about creating WordPress points in a subdirectory.

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How to create a WordPress site in a subdirectory?

Creating WordPress Spots in Subdirectories In this composition, we will principally produce WordPress spots in subdirectories in a simple way. So keep reading in detail.

1. To do this we first need to login to our Cpanel. From there we need to go to softaculous apps installer and select WordPress.

2. Also a runner of WordPress install will come up. From there we will do the work veritably fluently. I’ll click on Install Now from then or from this runner.

3. Also we will come across a runner of WordPress point setup, from then we will principally install the WordPress point in the sub-directory. On this runner, first of all, we can give HTTP/ HTTPS for”website URL elect”. After that, since the name of the website is the dereliction, it’ll remain as it is.

Our main job is in the directory. We want to set up the point in a sub-directory or sub-folder, its name must be put in this In directory.

4. Also we’ve to complete the following way. For this, we need to click on Point Name, Point Description, Admin Username, Admin Word, and Advanced Options. Will be created.

5. Also in many twinkles the point will be created in the sub-directory. From then you’ll find the Dashboard of the sub-directory point and the link to the point.

This way you can fluently set up your website in a sub-directory or sub-folder in many twinkles.

So you can take a look at some of the papers created in this subdirectory WordPress point. Thanks for your time and tolerance reading-

How to Creating WordPress sites in subdirectories

How to Creating WordPress sites in subdirectories

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