How to do GD online

The General Diary or GD is the register of crime and other news. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the police station is the lowest unit of criminal jurisdiction. Where the people of the area concerned can take legal action against all that has happened or is about to happen in their lives. How to do GD online



GD online

But statements cannot be filed for all incidents. Threats to anyone are usually recorded in a ‘general diary’ kept at the police station without a declaration; Which is called GD for short.





This is very important in our daily life for many reasons. If you ever face a threat, if something is lost or if you are a victim of bullying on the way to school, think of making a GD at the police station. But many do not know how to do GD.



GD online

To get this legal aid a statement has to be submitted to the police station in writing. Any adult can make a GD at the police station. Each police station and outpost has a general diary. It opens every day at 8 am and records the news for the next 24 hours.




Reasons for GD:

GD is a running image of a police station. GD is done for various reasons. A GD can be filed if there is a non-caseable incident at the police station, if someone is intimidated or if there is a lack of security, or if there is a risk of a crime being committed against a person.



GD online

Also loss of any required documents, passport, identity card, checkbook, or important documents; Information on hangouts for scoundrels, drug addicts, or criminals; Illegal gatherings that could disrupt public order; Hiring or fleeing housekeepers, janitors, night watchmen; Anyone can file a GD at the police station with information about new or old tenants and complaints about problems of expatriates.




Where and how to do it:

GD should be done at the police station of the area where the incident has taken place or is in danger of taking place. The police station of one’s own area should be given priority. If not, it is difficult to get legal help. You have to apply with the officer in charge of the concerned police station mentioning your name and the name of the police station. Mention the name of the subject you want to GD.




(For example, you can write about the loss, the lost news in the general diary, and request for action). In the description section, you have to write the details. If someone threatens you, you must specify their name, address, place, and date of the threat. If something is missing, you can attach a detailed description and, if possible, a sample, such as a picture, to the application. At the end of all, you have to write your name, address, and phone number below.




Investigation of GD:

If a GD is made in the police station, if it is about a cognizable crime, then the police station authorities will immediately take cognizance of the matter and take measures to prevent the crime. Article 155 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the investigation of all the offenses which are GD lodged with the police station.





It is to be noted that Section 156 (b) of the Criminal Procedure Code states that if the officer-in-charge of the police station thinks that the general diary is not suitable for investigation, he will not take action for investigation.



Importance of GD:

GD is an important factor in obtaining legal aid. A case can be started only on the basis of a GD or if a GD is made out of fear of crime then the GD is accepted as evidence in the court if the crime is committed. So the legal importance of GD is a lot. However, after making a GD at the police station, you have to keep the GD number in your collection. If necessary, the received copy of GD should be kept in the collection.




Important to know:

The duty officer of the police station records the GD. If you can’t write, ask him to fill out the application form and you won’t have to pay for it. He will record various information including GD numbers in a diary. Two copies of the GD are made. One is stored at the police station and the other will be given to you with the GD number, date, and officer’s signature and seal and GDT will be recorded.



Online GD:

If you want to do GD online, enter the Dhaka Metropolitan Police website and you will find a link called Citizen Help Request. Clicking on the link will bring up a list of online GD-related information. You need to select the type of information you want to GD.


Online GD:

Now an empty box to fill in the information will appear. If you fill in the information properly and submit it, your information will reach the concerned police station. You will automatically receive an identification number. Collect the number. If you want, you can also send an e-mail directly to the police at with any of your views.

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