How to get a loan from bKash?

Bangladesh City Bank has recently launched an unsecured loan. Where bKash customers will be able to take this loan instantly at any time. Initially, the maximum amount of this loan is 10 thousand rupees. Citibank has launched this project to bring the marginalized population of Bangladesh, i.e. the rural general population, under the loan facility. How to get a loan from bKash?


Currently, not all bKash app subscribers are eligible for this loan. Initially, it is a pilot project. Citibank loan up to a maximum of Rs. Bangladesh Bank has undertaken this project with the help of Emotional Intelligence Technology. Upon successful completion of this project, all eligible development customers will be covered under this loan with the approval of the Central Bank.


The loan will be repaid automatically from the bKash account in equal installments for three months after taking the loan. Before the due date, the customer will receive a notification regarding payment via SMS or mobile app.

In our country, people take high-interest loans from various business moneylenders in case of emergency. If this project of Citibank is successfully completed, marginal people will get many benefits. They will no longer have to take high-interest loans from various business moneylenders. And they do not have to pay high interest.



How to get a development loan?

Artificial intelligence AI will determine the nature of the transaction and the type of transaction of the bKash customers. If the customer is eligible for the loan from bKash, then Citibank will give the loan to the bKash users immediately. You can apply for a loan by clicking on the bKash app and at the same time the loan money will be credited to the bKash customer’s account and the bKash customer will not need to know in any district whether he has a loan or mortgage loan. This is the advantage of the digital loan.



To avail of the loan, customers will see a button called Loan or Loan Icon in their bKash app. If any customer fails to repay the loan, Citibank will provide the information of the defaulter to Bangladesh Bank following the rules and regulations of the bank. As per the instructions of Bangladesh Bank, the interest and other provisions applicable to this loan will be complied with. According to the loan rules of Bangladesh Bank, 9 percent interest will be valid on all types of loans. Development is no exception. So you have to pay interest on the money that will be for three months.

Digital lending is very popular in some countries including neighboring India, China, the Philippines, and Kenya. Small entrepreneurs and traders as well as other professionals are getting digital loans. With the launch of this new service, Bangladesh has gone one step further in financial inclusion. Earlier, the Mobile Financial Services (MSS) program was only for depositing and sending money.



Alibaba Group’s affiliate “Ant Financial”, the world’s leading technology company, facilitates the review of loan proposals through AI technology in such loan projects in various countries around the world, including China, India, and the Philippines. This world-famous Fintech company will also do a credit assessment of customers in this project.



BKash account opening rules

BKash account can be opened in different ways from different points-

Open an account through e-KYC at the digital registration point:

Bring to open a bKash account at the nearest digital registration point

1. Mobile phone

2. Original copy of National Identity Card




1. The agent will confirm your mobile number and operator and get permission to open an account.

2. Take the reference number sent to your number.

3. Take pictures of the front and back of your national identity card.

4. Agent will take a picture of you for e-KYC entry.

5. Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Open a bKash account by filling the KYC form at Agent Point



Bring to open a bKash account at the nearest agent point

1. Mobile phone

2. National Identity Card (Original and Photocopy)

3. 1 copy passport size photo



Open a bKash account in customer service:

Bring a bKash account to the nearest customer service

1. Mobile phone

2. National Identity Card (Photocopy) / Driving License (Original and Photocopy) / Passport (Original and Photocopy)

3. 1 copy passport size photo



Open a bKash account at the Customer Service Center:

Bring a bKash account to the nearest customer service center

1. Mobile phone

2. National Identity Card (Original and Photocopy) / Original Driving License / Original Passport

3. 1 copy passport size photo



Fill in the account opening form and give your thumbprint and signature.

After opening a bKash account, you need to activate your bKash mobile menu. Follow the procedure below to activate your mobile menu:

1. Go to the bKash Mobile Menu by dialing * 246 #.

2. Select “Activate Mobile Menu”.

3. Enter the 5 digit PIN number for the bKash account

4. Re-enter your PIN number to confirm

* Keep your PIN number secret at all times, bKash will never want to know your PIN number so never forget to share your PIN number with anyone.

Your mobile number will be used as a development number after all the processes are completed. With this bKash number, you can receive mobile recharge cash in send money or receive money. However, once your KYC form information is verified, within 3-5 days you will be able to enjoy “Cash Out”, “Mobile Recharge”, “Payment” and other bKash services. After activating your account, dial * 247 # 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to use the development service.



Rules for opening an account with the bKash app

BKash is currently the most popular mobile banking medium in Bangladesh. See how to open a bKash account with your NID in minutes. First, you need to download the bKash app from your mobile, so you do not need to go to the agent, download the bKash app from the Play Store and install it successfully, then –


  • Click in Login / Registration
  • Clicks on the next button with your 11 digits mobile number.
  • Choose the operator and confirm the verification code.
  • Read the Terms of Account Registration and click the Terms and Conditions button.


Then three important steps –

1 Take a picture of your NID
2 Provide the necessary information
3 Take a picture of your face. Submit everything properly. Within 72 hours, your bKash account will be activated.

Advantages of the bKash app

  • There are many benefits to using the bKash app, for example
  • Pay electricity bills
  • Different types of payments
  • Payment by scanning QR
  • Mobile recharge
  • Money transfer

BKash app cash out charge is usually deducted 1.75% but occasionally bKash app deducts less cash out charge.


Rules for paying electricity bills with the bKash app

Wherever you are in the country, you can safely develop your electricity bill at home. There is no hassle of standing in line and if you pay the electricity bill from the bKash app, you will get the bill receipt directly on your mobile.

In case of bill payment from the bKash app and by dialing * 247 #, specific charges will be applicable for billing.

You can develop prepaid and postpaid electricity bills for the following billers:

  • Rural electricity
  • Disco
  • Nesco
  • DPDC
  • BPDB
  • West Zone

How to develop prepaid bills with the app

1. Select ‘Pay Bill’ from the bKash app screen

2. Tap Power and select Power Supply Company

3. Provide account number and required information

4. Complete the ‘Pay Bill’ with the PIN number of your bKash account with the recharge amount

5. Take a look at the digital receipt of the bill in the app

6. You will receive a token number via SMS shortly after paying the prepaid meter electricity bill. (If you have not received the token number through this SMS, then go to the message option of your mobile and enter the meter number and message to 04445616247. You will get your token number through return SMS) or get the token number directly from here

7. When you enter this token number in your electricity meter, the electricity bill payment will be completed / the meter will be updated.



How to develop postpaid bills with the app

1. Select ‘Pay Bill’ from the bKash app screen

2. Tap Power and select Power Supply Company

3. Select the bill deadline and enter the account number

4. Check the amount of the bill and complete the ‘Pay Bill’ with the PIN number of your bKash account

5. Take a look at the digital receipt of the bill in the app

Rules for closing a bKash account

1) You have to visit the development office with the NID card with which you have opened the account. And if any of your family members such as father, mother, brother, or sister’s NID card is used, then he should also be taken to the office.

2) Before deleting the bKash account, the balance of that account has to be zero.

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