How to Get Citibank Bike Loan

City Bank is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Bank Bangladesh is a very popular bank. City Bank always works for the development of customers. Among the various services of City Bank, the City Bank Bike Loan service is one of them. Those who want to buy a bike through a loan can buy their dream bike by taking a direct loan from City Bank. How to Get Citibank Bike Loan





Today’s post will tell you how to get a Citibank bike loan and how to qualify for a Citibank bike loan.






Citibank Bike Loan Rules

I have told you first that loans are given to buy bikes from City Bank. Any person can buy a bike by taking a loan from City Bank if they have certain qualifications. Know about the facilities of taking a loan from here.







Who can take a Citibank bike loan?

When you take a bike loan from Citibank, they will definitely give you the loan according to their terms and conditions. So, to take a motorcycle loan from Citibank, the following are the qualifications you need to have:-




➡️Those who take loans from City Bank must be adults and Bangladeshi citizens.

➡️Businessmen, employees, and any other professional people i.e. people who are able to repay the loan can take City Bank Bike Loan.

➡️If you are an employee then your monthly salary must be more than 15 thousand rupees and if you are a businessman you must inform the authority. They will check whether you can repay the loan. Must have an income of at least 25 thousand rupees per month.

➡️If freelancer ex-pats and other professionals want to take Citibank bike loan then their monthly salary should be above 30 thousand rupees.







Documents required for availing of Citibank Bike Loan

You must submit some documents to take a Citibank bike loan. You can never take a Citibank bike loan without submitting the necessary documents. The documents required for availing City Bank Loan are mentioned below:-

1. Photocopy of a national identity card should be given.

2. Applicant must submit a teen certificate and three copies of passport-size photographs of the applicant.

3. Those who want to take a motorcycle loan from City Bank have to provide 2 copies of the nominee’s photo. Of course, two people should be nominated in this case.

4. Furthermore, if a freelancer wants to take a bike loan from City Bank, he should provide the bank statement of the previous six months and three recent work order copies.






Moreover, for your convenience, you can see all the documents required for taking a loan from City Bank through the image below.

That is, by providing these documents, anyone can easily take a bike loan from City Bank.







City Bank Bike Loan Interest Rate / City Bank Bike Loan Interest Rate

It is very important to know how much interest you will have to pay or how much fee you will have to pay when taking a bike loan from City Bank. People who take City Bank bike loans usually have to pay 12.99 percent interest. However, in the case of girls, the interest of bike loans is charged at 11.99 percent. If an employee of City Bank has taken a loan from City Bank, then their interest rate is 4.94 percent.







How much bike loan from the city bank and the repayment period

City Bank provides a bike loan of up to 10 lakhs. City Bank provides an 80% loan of the total cost of bike purchase and registration. That is, if you want to buy a bike with two lakh rupees, then City Bank will give you a loan of Rs. The loan must be repaid.







City Bank Bike Loan Application Form

Those who want to take a loan from City Bank can directly go to the nearest City Bank branch. Or you can directly talk to the officials of City Bank according to the description given in your picture.



Moreover, you will get the form required for taking a City Bank loan directly from the City Bank branch.



Finally, Citibank Bike Loan 2022 or how to get Citibank Bike Loan, those who completed today’s post must have got a clear idea about this. After that, if you want to know anything, you can comment.

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