How to keep your social account 100% safe?

.In fact, cyber-attacks are happening more often now. Starting from various big bank accounts, social accounts are now at risk. As we have got many advantages in the digital age, there are also many disadvantages. How to keep your social account 100% safe?



Various cyber ex-pats are now attacking with new techniques. Their techniques are also being update with time. So at this time, if you do not think about the security of your social account, you may be in danger



If you are an ordinary person, not a special person, then why should you be their target?

In fact, in the context of the digital age, it is natural to ask such questions in your mind. So let me tell you a report that will make your eyes go up. According to a study, about 600,000 social media accounts are expose to cyber attacks every day.

You will also be surprise to know that none of them are special people or celebrities, they are ordinary people like you and me. In fact, cyber security ex-pats do this to practice their work, and not to offend anyone.



Now come to Facebook:

Facebook is a popular social media platform. Its users are increasing day by day. To protect your account from various cyber attacks, you need to adopt some techniques




A long time ago, phishing links were create to access other people’s Facebook accounts, and as soon as you clicked on this link, a website that looked exactly like Facebook would appear in front of you. Because you are not aware of the phishing link, when you go to log in with the ID password on the website, your ID password goes to someone else.



This tricked the victim into clicking the link anyway. Since 2020, account hijacking using phishing links has decreased a lot, the main reason is that we are now more aware of security than before. In this digital age we are not as stupid as before. If any such incident has happened to you, let us know in the comment box, maybe a person will know more about it after reading your comment.





Because your Facebook password is very simple, it can be easily guessed and logged in to your hobby ID. Many people keep their Facebook name and password the same, moreover, they also keep 123456 which is very easy to guess. He has trouble without your knowledge. Moreover, many people give passwords based on their family members’ names and dates of birth, which can be easily guessed.



In this case, the rogue group collects information about you and then attacks your account with the tools they have created. If your desired password is in the password list they create, they can easily gain access. Now write the way to save it yourself in our comment box.




What logger:

Another popular method of cyberbullying is the key logger. This is a surveillance technology. It records every keystroke of the computer and sends it to the hacker. Some key loggers take screenshots at regular intervals and send them to the hacker. The key logger was designed to be used well. Like monitoring office people, monitoring boys and girls.


But it is used on good terms as well as on bad terms. In any way, once it can sneak into your computer or mobile, then it will automatically send to the other party where you are logging in, which user name you are giving, and which password you are giving without your knowledge.


If you download and use software or apps from untested sites, you may be vulnerable to such attacks. Moreover, if you use cracked software, you can be exposed to such attacks.




Browser hook:

Many times you will have heard in various media that many a times a stranger just clicks on this link and everything is controlle by others. This is mainly done by hooking up the browser.


Many people after installing the browser on the device never update it again with time it is seen that the version of the browser you are using is out of date and that is why your browser is asking for a security update but you are lazily reminding it again and again. I am sending you a letter. Someone can harm you with that advantage. How to keep your social account 100% safe?




So what can you do to avoid cyber-attacks?

(1) Do not click on untrusted links.
(2) Your password must be something unusual that does not match your Facebook information. You must add special characters to the password like: !@#%&*()_+ like this.
(3) Keep your personal information on Lee Me especially the date of the bath.
(4) Download apps or software from trusted places and use them.
(5) Try to keep your browser updated regularly.
(6) Do not log in with your Facebook ID on any untrusted app.
(7) Keep two step verification on.




What is Facebook ID Remembering? How is it done?

A feature that Facebook introduced a few years ago is Facebook Remembering. When someone dies, if you look at their profile, it will show a remembering. Who can remember your ID can be set manually from Settings. You can select some friends from your friend list. How to keep your social account 100% safe?




Now let’s see how it is done:

Many times it is seen that people are alive and showing their ID or Facebook page remembering, to do this some people collect various info mesh from the target ID like the date of their bath.
With that information, a fake dead certificate is created and then submitted against the target ID or page. Facebook takes this as true and does ID remembering.




Ways to escape from remembering:

(1) Keep only me from your date of bath privacy.
(2) Manually select who can submit a dead certificate against your profile.




Ways to avoid Facebook ID being disable:

It can be disable due to many people reporting on your Facebook or it can be disable depending on your activities. What can be done to avoid this problem
(1) Open your Facebook ID name matching your National Identity Card.
(2) Open the Date of Bath of your Facebook ID in accordance with your National Identity Card.
(3) Do not share any adult content via Facebook.
(4) Do not use abusive or insulting words
(5) You must put your own pic in the profile picture.
(6) Keep your profile 100% complete.

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