How to license a contracting business!

This is one of the most profitable businesses today. As with all other businesses, contracting has its own set of rules. Getting a license is mandatory. To be eligible for government and non-government contract work, this license is required. If you are working on a large project, you must have a license. In this post, we will talk about how to obtain a contractor’s license. How to license a contracting business

license a contracting business

In line with Act 49 of the general public Procurement policies 2006, a person or business enterprise wishing to participate. In the smooth should have the required qualifications to participate within the smooth. For that reason, the tenderer or applicant should be registered with a professional. Commercial enterprise according to the provisions of the applicable Bangladesh law, or a citizen of the united states of America.

license a contracting business

It is important to sign in to an enterprise so as to conduct commercial enterprise legally. Registration is required to get entry to the offerings furnished through the government. Before starting an enterprise, you should first determine your enterprise ownership. There are different forms of companies.


1. One Ownership / Individual Ownership

2. Partnership

3. Joint Capital Institution (Private Limited Company / Public Limited Company)

Where to register?

Typically, change license bureaucracy may be downloaded from the offices of Union Parishad, Municipality, Zila Parishad, and town organization. The applicant needs to have a Tax identification quantity (TIN).

Registration process:

If it is the city organization of your corporation. You have to download the shape said to that nearby workplace.  The relevant office if it’s far from a union or municipality. The price of the shape is 10 rupees. In this example, an extraordinary sum of money works relying on the sort of commercial enterprise.

Registration process:

The application form ought to be observe with the aid of 3 copies of snapshots. A letter of lease and a receipt, a tax receipt, and a tax officer. Within the case of a restrain organization, a replica of the Memorandum have to be submit. A unique alternate license letter may be compil on the premise of the desired verification and choice. License renewal is a commonplace method. The industrial license comes with a renewal invoice letter. Annual renewals can be made by means of depositing the required quantity into a chosen bank. How to license a contracting business

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