How to start a business

An entrepreneur is a person who takes any business initiative to produce a product by using his talent. And his new venture is called start-up. Here are some tips to help you get started: You need to know how to start a business before you start a business. How to start a business



How to start a new business

The first challenging task at the beginning of any business is the business plan. A business plan is basically a matter of how you start a business, which way to go, what are your resources, what are the problems and advantages and what are the other key points related to the business. There is no substitute for planning to get the business up and running.



How to become a business start-up or entrepreneur?

Many people think that business is very simple and common. Again, it is a very difficult task for many people. There are different types of business. Some buy or sell goods or import-export. Some people produce products and market them. An entrepreneur is one who produces products using his talent.



Let’s take a look at the matter. The success of a business depends on a number of factors. Important among these is the need to know business techniques, methods, and rules or how to start a business. The first requirement is the mental preparation of “I will do business”.



Then think and plan about the availability of resources in the right direction. An efficient work plan will help an entrepreneur to reach his goals in a timely manner. Although capital and resources are essential for business, it is not the main issue, as investors are at risk of losing if they do not move in the right direction.



How to start a business

If you want to be an entrepreneur/businessman, you must first know how to start a business. How to get a trade license, company registration, how to open a bank account, business plan or business plan, various registrations and licenses like environmental clearance, fire line boiler registration, patent, design, and trademarks registration, etc., infrastructure and utility services, tax and An entrepreneur should have a clear idea about VAT, Quality Certification, Import, and Export Procedure, Product Production, and Marketing Management, etc.


To become an entrepreneur in Bangladesh, you need to follow the following steps to start a business:

Step-1: First you have to decide you will do business. Then you have to decide which business is right for you? At the same time, you have to decide the type of business – trading or product or service business. Once you have decided on the type of business, you need to specify the location of the office or factory to do your business. A business plan needs to be created by examining the feasibility of the business.




To start a business, you need to raise the necessary financial resources.

Step-3: You need to decide whether you want to run a single business or a joint venture. When deciding to start a joint venture, you need to decide who will be your partner.

Step-4: Land should be purchased/rented/leased at a suitable place for business.

Step-5: A trade license or company registration is required according to the structure of the business.

Step-6: Other business-related registrations and licenses need to be collected.

Step-7: The industry has to be set up at the designated place.

Step-8: Utility services like electricity, gas, water, sewerage, etc. should be ensured in industrial establishments.

Step-9: Purchase of necessary equipment and parts for business, purchase of raw material, and selection of technology/technology.

Step-10: Necessary manpower should be recruited following proper procedure.


Produce and market products according to the business plan.

A strong entrepreneur is essential for a successful business. The entrepreneur will first determine the product or service. What and where the business will be located. Based on these determinations, the feasibility of a business is verified. This requires conducting a Feasibility Study and a summary of the proposed business. The business profile needs to be prepare. Then the entrepreneur has to prepare a business plan. Depending on the type, location, investment, and other factors, an entrepreneur needs to take the next step in establishing a business.




Business planning and initial activities involve the following:

1. Selection of products or services.

2. Place selection

3. Business feasibility study

4. Prepare a business plan

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