How To Start A Real Estate Business

Those who want to start a real estate business should consider opening their own real estate agency. This is profitable, as real estate prices continue to rise, and at a much lower cost. Your main expenses will be the rent for the premises and staff. How To Start A Real Estate Business.


You will need Premises, registration, certificates, a website, and staff (5-6 people).

Guide manual

  1. Typically, real estate agencies deal with real estate transactions (buying and selling, renting) and their legal aid. Their activities are not unlicensed but are subject to certification for brokerage services. So, in addition to registration (as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity), you have to go through the certificate.


2. As a rule, real estate agencies have a transactional income that is either a fixed percentage or a fixed commission (for example, the commission for renting an apartment is often equal to the amount of rent in the first month). For the legal application of the transaction, you can take a separate amount.


3. For a company, a small house in a town or a shopping center is enough. As a rule, most realtors do not work in the office, but show themselves directly to their potential clients in real estate objects and discuss the terms of the transaction. Office space will only be required by lawyers who will prepare direct contracts, secretaries, and accountants.


4. For the office, you need to buy basic equipment (computers, printers, copiers, etc.), suitable software (1C), and furniture. First, you should hire 2-3 realtors, a lawyer, a secretary, and an accountant (you can come) for real estate transactions. The realtor and a lawyer must have experience, the choice is big enough. The remuneration of realtors is usually a piece rate. The rest of the workers get a fixed salary.



5. Keep in mind that in the real estate business, the relevance of the information is very important. This means you must monitor all changes in the real estate market, quickly find profitable items and execute contracts with them. To keep customers up to date with your latest offers, create a website that will be updated regularly. As well as advertising in the local media.

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