How to take care of hair, How to take care of hair at home

Whenever we see cartoon characters of fairy tale princesses in movies. Our eyes get stuck on their hair Who wouldn’t want to be like Cinderella, Snow White, or Jasmine with huge long, thick hair? Every girl wants healthy, shiny, and thick hair. But keeping your hair beautiful despite the weather condition of our country has become a huge challenge. How to take care of hair, How to take care of hair at home



Many of us especially boys are very neglectful about hair care, boys actually don’t know how to take care of hair, and there are many women who don’t know how to take care of hair properly, we have discussed here how you can take care of hair.




Let’s know how to take care of hair by following a few tips-

1. Brush your hair when you wake up.

It is necessary to comb the hair after waking up because then the hair gets tangled. If not untangled, the possibility of hair loss will increase Also the sebum produced at the root of our hair overnight is very beneficial for hair, natural sebum. As a result of combing the hair, the sebum produced throughout the night spreads throughout the hair. In addition, the more you comb the hair, the blood circulation of the head will be higher. It will also make your hair grow faster. So brush your hair for 3-5 minutes from top to bottom every day.





2. Wash your hair regularly

Nowadays, due to a lot of dust and pollution outside, our hair gets dirty easily. As a result, many people think that they should shampoo their hair every day. But this idea is completely wrong. Because shampooing every day also washes away the natural oil produced on the scalp. That’s why your hair becomes very rough and dry. That’s not to say that you don’t wash your hair regularly because the dirt accumulated in the roots of the hair can cause various problems including dandruff. You must choose the right shampoo according to your hair type and wash your hair with it regularly.




Normal hair can be washed 3 times a week. But for those with rough hair, it is better to wash their hair once after two or three days. And those with oily hair can wash their hair even after 1 to 2 days. But even if you don’t shampoo your hair every day, you must wash your hair well with water so that the dirt accumulated on the scalp is cleaned well. Never use hot water directly on your hair as it softens the roots.




3. How to take care of wet hair –

One of the worst hair care mistakes we make is combing wet hair immediately after showering. In wet hair, the roots of the hair are soft, so the hair falls easily. So only wet hair should be wiped with a soft towel. Never rub your hair vigorously with a stiff towel. Because if you rub hard, the hair roots will break and the roots of the hair will also become soft, as a result of which the amount of hair fall will increase. Wet hair can be squeezed with a towel, or careless hair can be twisted with a towel.





4. Use similar products for hair-

When caring for hair, you must use cosmetics made of similar ingredients.

First, you need to know which products suit your hair.





5. Reduce the use of hair dryers-

Any type of heat helps your hair break. Many of us use hair dryers to dry our hair. We should refrain from giving such hits to the hair.

Excessive heat can also cause your hair to burn. So be careful before using any iron, or hair straightener.





6. Choose the right pillow cover-

The roughness of cotton cloth is harmful to our hair because sleeping on a cotton cloth pillow cover can rub the hair and break the hair and the hair will also break. Therefore, you should use a thin cloth pillow cover.





7. Oil your hair-

Many of us do not oil our hair. But the habit of not oiling your hair regularly makes your hair weak and rough. Because regular use of oil strengthens hair roots. However, excess oil should not be used as it may accumulate more dust on the head.




8. Massage the hair with hot oil-

There is no substitute for oil massage to provide complete nourishment to the hair Apart from coconut tea, Amalaki oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc. are available in the market these days. Take a little bit of coconut oil and mix it with two or three drops of almond oil, heat it slightly and massage it on the scalp to get good results.




9. Eat healthy food every day-

A reflection of how your health is but also your hair. If you are healthy, so will your hair. So eat healthy food every day. Your hair needs a lot of nutrients like vitamins, iron, and protein for its growth and beauty. Consuming more protein-rich foods and eating lots of vegetables every day will help keep your hair healthy too. Also, drink plenty of water.

It is not necessary to use expensive products to make hair beautiful. All you need is regular hair care and proper nutrition.

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