How to Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Title?

About 80% of the number of visitors to any blog/website from search engines depends on the Post Title. The title is a summary of the subject matter of the post. Content is undoubtedly the king of SEO but following the title is the content of the post. If a writer can write an interesting post title in line with the subject matter of the post then I think the rest of the SEO within the blog post can be maintained very easily. There needs to be an important reason behind any topic of your blog to rank well and you might know what the main reason is. I will share with you some important points regarding this reason. How to Write Search Engine-Friendly Blog Post Title?








A beautiful and optimized blog post title is capable of attracting the attention of any search engine robot. Search engine robots can pick good-bad, and likes-dislikes as easily as a human. In this case, if you write about a good topic, then the search robot will choose your content and beautiful title and bring it to the search results. Below 03 topics will give you a clear idea about the Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Title.










Always research the Word that you will use in the blog. Using good-quality words will get good results. For example, if you want to write an essay about America, first check which words are used more. Take for example America, US, and United States. You can take the help of Google Keyword Tool to know which of these 03 words is used more. If you write these 03 words in Google Keyword Tool, you will easily get an idea of ​​which word is used more. See below how to do it-








You can clearly see that the word America is used 1,000,000 times and the word the US is used 673,000 times and the word the United States is used 301,000 times. Here is the most-used word in America in the last month. So America is the right word for you here. You can always take the help of this Keyword Tool. You can do this in just 2/3 minutes.








02. Title written in 66 characters:

There are many bloggers and search engine optimizers who write the same word over and over again in their blog post titles. As a result, he may not understand that search engines are ignoring such titles. Search engines always prioritize important words in the title. So if you have used one word repeatedly in the blog title then the search engine will get confused about the title and consider it Spam. Google displays the first 66 characters of post titles in their search results and Yahoo 120 characters. The remaining characters remain implicit. So it is better to write the title within 66 characters. If necessary, you can count the characters from here. See what the title of the post looks like in the image below-








3. Write an interesting title

Before writing about any topic, think carefully that the topic you are going to post about can be easily understood by readers and search robots using as few words as possible. Titles should be created with both search robots and readers in mind. Search robots prefer keywords and short titles and readers prefer attractive titles. Below are two examples to clarify the matter.

Learn how to write search engine-friendly post titles for your website

The above title contains many unnecessary words which if not used would have given a clear idea to everyone about the subject. Then see another example below-








How to Write Search Engine-Friendly Blog Post Title?

The above title contains 03 interesting keywords, i.e Search Engine Friendly, Blog, and Post Title. What makes it even more interesting is how and the end (?) sign.









Result of the above two titles:

There is no basis for the term 1st title website because this post is made only for Blogger’s blogs. When the visitor searches by typing blog, they will not find my post.


Then there is no need for you and learn it words. Even without using these two words, the meaning of the matter is being understood.


No (?) symbol is used in the first word, while the title is in the form of a question. So the 2nd title is most appropriate here.








What needs to be done:

Always use Google Keyword Tool to select keywords.
Check the spelling carefully before and after writing the title.

Always try to write short titles with important keywords.
Please try to keep the title within 66 characters.

Write the title with a combination of words and symbols that can attract the attention of both search robots and readers.

Use Question Marks and Exclamation Marks as needed at the end of the title.

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