If you want to be an exporter, do whatever you want!

One of the conditions for economic development is the acquisition of foreign exchange at a higher rate. And the main way to achieve that is export-trade. That is why the government attaches utmost importance to export trade. If you want to be an exporter, you need to know some basic information beforehand and what to do about it. If you want to be an exporter, do whatever you want!


An exporter

From here you can get the Trade Information Center (TIC) of the Export Promotion Bureau. From this center, you will get detailed information about this, necessary actions, and necessary advice.



According to the Export Promotion Bureau building, if a newcomer wants to be an exporter, he or she must first register with the Office of the Controller of Imports and Exports. According to the prevailing rules, no business entity can export without export registration. That is why the new exporter has to go to the nearest import-export controller’s office and get the export registration certificate.


An exporter

Registration can be done by filling out the form by depositing 3 thousand rupees for the fee. Photocopy of Trade License, Certificate of valid membership from a recognized chamber/association. Original copy of Treasury Invoice as proof of deposit of fee, Attested copy of Registered Partnership in case of partner organization Is.



After getting the Export Registration Certificate or Export Registration Certificate (ERC), you can contact the nearest Export Development Bureau office. The list of foreign buyers from the Export Promotion Bureau, search for specific markets abroad for specific products and results can be known. The competitive prices of the products that you will export abroad. Will also provide an opportunity to participate in international trade fairs held abroad. The various aspects of the various facilities provided in the export policy can also be learn from here.


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The government provides various opportunities to exporters for the development of export trade. Exporters can deposit a portion of the foreign exchange earned from exports in the foreign exchange account in their retention quota. The amount of which is determine by Bangladesh Bank from time to time. With the money deposited, the exporter will be able to meet the actual business expenses.



The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has an Export Development Fund. This fund provides venture-capital (entrepreneur-friendly financing) at a reduced interest and easy terms for exporters to produce goods. Foreign technical advice, services, and technical assistance are provided for product development and diversification. Assistance is provided for sending marketing missions abroad and participating in international trade fairs.



Necessary financial assistance is provided by the Export Development Fund. In the case of import of capital machinery and raw materials, loans are given on reduce interest and easy terms.


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In addition, export financing, export credit, and bond facilities for export industries. General facilities for export-oriented industries, plants including fruits and vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Special privileged products by air reduced airfare at the export rate, and above all imported policy for exporters. You can contact the Trade Information Center (TIC) of the Export Promotion Bureau to get the list of products that can be export.


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The TIC branch of the Export Promotion Bureau was establish during the Pakistan period in 1962. At present this branch is functioning as a ‘Center of Excellence and Knowledge’ with modern facilities of information technology. Computer services with internet facilities are available here. There are also facilities for reading magazines, periodicals, and journals. Necessary up-to-date information on trade inquiries or demand is immediately available here. A list of country-based exporters and importers of goods and products is also available here.



Rahima Akhter, Assistant Director, Export Promotion Bureau, said the Trade Information Center (TIC) provides any information required for exporters. Anyone new or old exporter can contact our trade information center for any information and assistance.


An exporter

According to EPB sources, an average of two to two and a half thousand people visit TIC every year. Many of them use library books and computers. This library and computer can be use with a service charge of 600 rupees per year. Those who want to take the service for an hour have to pay a fee of 20 rupees per hour.



Handicraft exporter Anwar Hossain Palash said, “I have been exporting handicrafts to different countries for three years. First I started working on this with information from EPB’s TIC. I still occasionally go to TIC to collect new information. TIC (Trade Information Center) is very useful for exporters.



Rana Barua, who is interest in the export business, went to TIC to know how to start a business. “I want to do export business,” he said. That’s why I went to EPB’s TIC. I learned the details from them. The center is good for knowing where and what to do.

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