Indian Visa Check Rules

Today’s post is for you if you want to know about the rules for checking Indian visas at home. Those who want to go to India and have got a visa to go to India can check India visa online in a very easy way. Indian Visa Check Rules






India is our neighboring country. In India, we often go for different types of work. In most cases, many go to India for treatment. So if you have applied for an Indian visa then you must check the status of your visa. So without delay let’s know how to check an Indian visa:-






Indian Visa Check Rules

Those who want to travel to India and have a new visa must get their visa checked before traveling to India. Any person can check India visa at home in just 2 minutes. Below you will be shown step-by-step how to check for an Indian visa very easily:-






Step 1:

First, go to the browser from your computer or mobile and search by typing via CBD. Go to the website that appears first. After coming to the website, you can see some options like below on the left side.






Step 2:

From here, click directly on the button that has the visa application truck. Now you will be taken to another page and from here you have to click on the Regular visa application button.





Then from here, you can see two options, one is the Above code and another is the Web file number.







Step 3:

You can see the above code above and copy it from here and put it in the first cell in the lower cell you have to give the Web file number which is in your visa.






Step 4:

Then you can check the status of your Indian visa by entering the Web file number in the box. In this way, a person can easily check his India visa if he wants.






Some important things about India check online/Indian visa check rules
By now you know how to check Indian visas online. Those who have Indian visas can easily check their status through this website. But many times it is seen that due to any update of the website, the rule of checking an Indian visa does not work properly. We are in no way responsible for this.






Because many times it is seen that any link to these websites may not be working properly. Then many people commented and said bro, an Indian visa cannot be checked this way.






last word

Hope those who have read today’s post have got a complete idea about Indian Visa Check Rules or how to check Indian Visa very easily. Indian visas can be checked very easily at home using the above method. Then if there is any question about this then you can directly comment us.

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