Insurance in Denmark 2023-2024

Anyone moving to or traveling to Denmark will have many questions about how the Danish healthcare system works. Whether private health insurance is necessary. This guide contains information about health insurance for foreigners. Residents of Denmark and about the country’s healthcare system. Read below for more information. Or click below for a free, no-obligation quote. Insurance in Denmark 2023-2024






Danish Health System

Healthcare standards in Denmark are very high. The entire system is tax-funded and easily accessible to the public. The national health tax is set at approximately 8% of total taxable income. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Danish system is its decentralization at the community level. As a result, centralized initiatives often face strong resistance while promoting a consensus-based approach to such issues. Taxes on medical care are collected by the national government and passed on to local governments, so there is less bias than in countries where medical administration is concentrated.





The entire medical system can be divided at the operational level into two divisions of primary health care and hospitals. The primary health department deals with most medical issues and is available to all citizens. This department is further divided into two parts. One consists of general health treatments and the other deals with preventive medicine. All patients start treatment in primary health care and, if they need more specialized care, are referred by their general practitioner to treatment in the hospital department. In Danish hospitals, nurses and doctors dispense medicines, not pharmacies. It is estimate that 90% of Danish citizens are satisfie with the quality of care they receive.






Danish Health System

Foreigners must have a cardiopulmonary resuscitation card or a Danish social security number to participate in the Danish public health system. If this is not possible due to length of stay or other factors, it is recommend that foreigners obtain health insurance through their employer or personally. Most of the Danish population speaks English, so ex-pats should have no problem finding an English-speaking doctor






Danish Private Health Sector

Due to the high quality of public health facilities, there is almost no private health sector in Denmark. Few private hospital providers like Danske Privathospitaler (DAPH) provide less than 1% of his hospital bed capacity.

Dentistry and ophthalmology consultations and treatments are not covere by National Health Insurance.






Can EHIC cards be use in Denmark?

Temporary visitors from the EU/EEA/Switzerland to Denmark are eligible for discounted or free travel through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) based on agreements between their country and Denmark. can receive medical care. There are certain medical expenses that EHIC does not cover. B. Ambulance to Home Country, Mountain Rescue, or Individual Treatment. A person without an EHIC and her non-EU visitors must have private Danish health insurance.






Private Expat Health Insurance

Expats in Denmark can be provided with a comprehensive ex-pat health insurance plan, sight, and dental plan that provides the best insurance available when public health care is not accessible. Our plans are globally transferable and guaranteed lifetime renewable, so you can be confident you’ll always get the coverage you need, no matter what.






Danish ex-pat health insurance plans can be tailored to your exact requirements. In many cases, we can offer Danish international health insurance with no deductibles or overages. Additionally, the policies we offer may include many additional benefits such as B. Outpatient Care, Dental and Maternity Leave, Complementary Medicine, Professional Consultation, Alternative Therapy, and Emergency Evacuation Coverage.





All of this gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll always have the protection you need, wherever you are in the world. Contact us today for a free quote and insurance advice.

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