Insurances in Germany 2023

Health insurance is compulsory in Germany and is one of the compulsory insurances. Everyone who lives and works in Germany must have health insurance. Exceptions only apply to those staying in Germany for less than 3 months. Insurances in Germany 2023




Everyone else must have health insurance in Germany. Germany has a dual health insurance system consisting of statutory health insurance (also called health insurance) and private health insurance. All employees are automatically enrolled in statutory health insurance. Contribution amounts vary according to income. If their annual income exceeds the so-called premium threshold (58,050 euros for him in 2021), they can optionally continue to have statutory health insurance or switch to private health insurance.





Insurances in Germany

However, in order to have private insurance, he must have had statutory health insurance for at least one year. Employers are responsible for registering their employees with health insurance companies. Insurance premiums are always deducted directly from the employee’s salary. Spouses and children (up to 18 years old) living in Germany also have statutory health insurance through free family health insurance. To receive these benefits, you must submit an application to your health insurance company.

Berliner Sparkasse offers both full private health insurance and private supplementary health insurance through our insurance partners should you wish to extend or improve your health services. Information on providing health protection can be found here (link to flyer)





Car Insurance: Mandatory for German Drivers

Anyone who drives a car in Germany must have car insurance. The minimum requirement is motor vehicle liability insurance. Without this, the driver cannot register his car.
Motor liability insurance only covers damage you cause to others with your own vehicle. For example, if you hurt another person in an accident, or damaged another vehicle, building, or traffic sign in an accident.

Partial or fully comprehensive insurance in addition to motor liability insurance if you also need insurance to cover damage to your car, motorcycle, or truck in the event of an accident caused by your fault can join.




Personal liability insurance: not compulsory, but essential for safe everyday life

Personal liability insurance is not compulsory in Germany, but it is mandatory. In many other EU member states, it is even mandatory. Usually very cheap, but very worth it. Whether you accidentally smash your friend’s cell phone or someone gets hurt because you didn’t clear the snow in front of your house, you are bound to be affected when accidents happen in your daily life.

By the way, Germany also has professional liability insurance. It covers all possible responsibilities related to your job. If you are employed, your employer automatically covers you with such insurance. If you are self-employed, you must also have professional liability insurance.




Home Contents Insurance: Protecting Everything in Your Home

Homes insurance covers damage that is part of your home, such as furniture and technical equipment such as televisions and laptops. Additionally, some home insurance policies also cover your bike in the event of theft or vandalism. It is worth taking a closer look at the insurance terms here. If you own a home, make sure you also have homeowners insurance.




Legal protection insurance: well insured in case of disputes

Disputes with landlords and anger over traffic tickets – sometimes in life you just can’t get more than there is. without the help of a lawyer. Legal protection insurance is worth it if you don’t want to be left with expensive legal fees or, worst of all, other legal costs. Depending on the policy, different areas are covered: personal legal protection, driver legal protection, rental legal protection, etc. Dispute insurance is also of interest to employees and it is one of the most important types of insurance in Germany 2023 insurance in Germany. 

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