Know the health benefits and harms of garlic

Health benefits of garlicGarlic has many nutritional properties. Apart from keeping the body healthy, garlic has immense importance in keeping many diseases under control. So some people eat it raw and some people eat it more in cooking. But according to experts, garlic should be eaten in moderation, and cooking garlic destroys its nutritional value.




Health Benefits of Garlic

Many people think that eating garlic warms the body, which has no basis. Therefore, many people are in a dilemma whether to eat garlic or not. However, dieticians say that garlic is rich in anti-oxidants, so a small amount of garlic can be consumed daily. Apart from cholesterol, it keeps blood sugar levels under control. It also contains high sulfur.





Now know how much garlic can be eaten and its properties…


Garlic works to keep the blood clean. So if you have various rashes and itching on your face or skin, you can eat garlic every day, then you will understand about the benefits of eating garlic. Drink plenty of water with this raw garlic in the morning. But two cloves of garlic per day is enough.



Garlic also helps to remove toxins from the body. A glass of warm water with half lemon juice and two cloves of garlic will remove harmful toxins from the body.




For those who are prone to colds,



Garlic is very beneficial. Boil crushed garlic in hot water, then strain and drink. Again you can eat fried garlic with hot rice. It will also relieve you from suffering from sinusitis. Daily consumption of garlic helps to increase the body’s immune system and also control the problem of nasal congestion.



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Eating garlic raw or lightly boiled will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. As a result, the heart will be good. So you can eat it to keep your heart healthy.



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Garlic has a long history as an antibiotic to fight bad fungi, bacteria and parasites in the body. Garlic can also be eaten to get rid of worms. Cut garlic on the face of pimples or big pimples and keep it for a while to reduce the irritation.




Consuming garlic has some disadvantages or restrictions-


Garlic should be eaten raw or lightly roasted. Although garlic added to cooking spices has flavor in food, it does not have much nutritional value. If you want to eat garlic, it is better not to eat more than two or three cloves every day. Before any surgery or operation many times doctors forbid eating garlic. As a result, you have to pay attention to that.



However, if you have asthma, you should be aware of the health benefits of garlic. Because in that case there can be various side effects.

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