Luca Madrich biography,Early Life,Russia World Cup

Everything that happens in the universe has an end. It was conceivable that a newcomer to Messi and Ronaldo would take their place. But at the best of times while they are there, no one ever thinks that by ignoring them, someone new will become the best in the world. In fact, no one thought Messi or Ronaldo could be the best in the world! After their retirement, there were many who wanted to take the crown of the world. Neymar, Griezmann, Mbabane, Kevin de Bruyne are some of his examples. But Messi-Ronaldo broke the tradition of a 33-year-old center midfielder born in Zadar, Croatia. He is Luca Madrich. From Dynamo Zagreb to Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid after proving themselves for Spurs. 4 Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup wins.

World Cup final from representing Croatia. Achieve all the best in one year. Was it easy for Luka Madrich to travel so far?

                         Luca Madrich

Early Life:

Madrich was born in Zadar, a small country in Croatia. Madrich is a Croatian who grew up in the brutal civil war that broke out in the Balkans after the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991. In the midst of violence and fear, like everyone else, his childhood was horrible. While playing football on the streets of Zadar, Madrich, like ten other children, always had to be alert when Serbian airstrikes struck. Life had to run away with the sound of the plane. Serbian troops burned down their homes. They also killed Madrich’s grandfather. When Madrich’s grandfather was captured by Serbian soldiers, little Madrich was also captured by the soldiers. Even without Madrich, the war engulfed his grandfather.

Like other children, she was always warned not to move away from the shelter. And always keep an eye on bombs or mines. And Madrich? He used to dribble with the ball in the field full of mines. This horrible situation has given him strength for the rest of his life. “The war has made me stronger. But I don’t want to think about it for the rest of my life. But I don’t want to forget it all at once,” said Madrich.

Madrich used to play age-based football for NK Zadar. While playing for this club, he met Tomislav Basic. This Basic turned Madrid’s career around. After NK Zadar, Madrid wanted to sign Hadjuk Split, another Croatian club. But on Basic’s advice, he changed his mind. Basic later succeeded in signing Madrid’s contract with Dynamo Zagreb. They took the 15-year-old midfielder to their youth squad on a 10-year contract. When the young Madrich later began to prove himself for the club, he fell in love with the Tottenham Hotspur club. The opportunity to move to England came very soon.

                            Luca Madrich

Tottenham Hotspur

He joined the Spurs in 2008 after a great season for Dynamo Zagreb. Tottenham have recruited young Madrid to fill the void left by Robbie Keane’s move to Liverpool and Dimitri Berbatov’s move to Manchester United.

Coming to Spurs in Madrid is about mid-October of the year. Madrich was 23 when they lost their sixth match in a row to a newcomer to the league. He is fighting to get a chance in the team. When coach Juandre Ramos did not put him in the XI again against Udinese in the Champions League group stage, Madrich collapsed completely. Tottenham also lost 2-0 at Udinese. Juandre Ramos could not hold on to his job after a six-match losing streak in the league and another embarrassing defeat at Udinese.

Real Madrid

The Croatian midfielder was bought by Spanish giants Real Madrid in 2012 for around 30 million euros. At that time there was a huge change of party in exchange for this money. In return for this huge sum of money, Luka Madrid came to Madrid and played for the Los Blancos for quite some time in the first season. But at the end of the year, according to Marker, he was voted the worst signing in La Liga that year.

Like Tottenham, it took Madrid time to adapt to new countries, new clubs, new teammates. Madrid have been trying to adapt to the team throughout the first season. But he did not succeed that year. He was replaced in the second season for Real Madrid. Very quickly his performance goes from bad to good and from good to incomparable.

In a crucial Champions League match against Manchester United in the second season for Real Madrid, Madrid came off the bench and scored to take the team closer to the title. Originally after the performance of this match, Madrid fans started to fall in love with Madrid. That same year, he proved himself as a midfielder and played a key role in winning the Madrid Champions League and the Copa del Rey. As a result, he became a Real Madrid midfield superstar.

Russia World Cup

Madrid have played 113 matches for Croatia. Madrid went to Russia World Cup with a promising team in anticipation of something better. Though the mercury of expectations was not too high, perhaps he thought of surpassing the highest success of the Croats in the World Cup. That’s what Madrid’s team did, and reached the World Cup final. Although Madrid’s Croatia did not win the World Cup. At the best time of his career, after not getting the World Cup after the best performance, Madrich has conquered the world, has become the best player of the World Cup. FIFA and UEFA’s best players have been selected. And got Ballon d’Or.

Madrich has appeared at the end of his career. If we look back now, we can see examples of his innumerable successes. Being a midfielder and not scoring goals, there was always less talk about him, maybe even less after retirement. But Madrich will remember that golden trophy of Ballon d’Or. Because, he is the one who snatched this trophy by visiting Messi-Ronaldo.

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