Mahmudullah Riyadh Biography, Early Life, Wife, ODI Career, T20I Career, Test Career

Cricket is the pride of Bangladesh. Mahmudullah Riyad, known as the “Silent Killer”, is one of the few cricketers. Who has contributed the most to Bangladesh’s progress in cricket since winning the ICC Test Championship? Today we will learn about the Mahmudullah Riyadh biography.

Biography of Mahmudullah Riyadh:

Full Name: Mohammad Mahmudullah Riyadh

Nickname: Riyadh, Silent Killer

Place of birth: Mymensingh

Father’s name: Muhammad Ubaidul Nawab

Mother’s name: Arafat Begum

Cricket Journey:

Mohammad Mahmudullah is a student of Riyadh Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP). The foundation of cricket was laid by this organization.

While in BKSP, he got a call from the under teams of Bangladesh. He got a place in the first-class club with his amazing performance. After that, he did not have to look back. Then the graph of cable carriers went upwards.

ODI debut:

Mahmudullah was called up to the Riyadh ODI team in 2006. To play a three-match ODI series against Sri Lanka on their own soil. The Bangladesh team was missing an off-spinning all-rounder at that time.

Mahmudullah Riyadh, who made his debut as an off-spinning all-rounder, focused on the all-rounder’s performance in the first match. Despite failing to win the match, Bangladesh survived a humiliating defeat against Sri Lanka in the first match at Montana.

His batting, bowling, and fielding were eye-catching. After watching the first match, everyone can understand that Mahmudullah is going to be an integral part of the Bangladesh team. Since then he has been the regular face of the Bangladesh ODI team. The team has won many ODI matches.

T20I debut:

Mahmudullah made his T20I debut in Riyadh in the year of his ODI debut, in the year 200. For the first time, he played in a national team jersey against Kenya, a regular match against Bangladesh at the time.

Although Bangladesh was a newcomer like other countries at that time, it played well in the beginning. The idea was that Bangladesh would do much better in Tests, than in Tests or ODIs. And Mahmudullah Riyadh was an integral part of that T20 team.

Mahmudullah Riyadh did not take long to become an essential member of the team after making his T20 debut. He is one of the key players in the current Bangladesh T20 team.

Test debut:

Mahmudullah is a little late to make his Test debut after making his ODI and T20I debut. Although Mahmudullah made his ODI and T20I debut in 2006, he made his Test debut in 2009. He played his first Test against the West Indies.

Though Bangladesh’s performance in the Tests was disappointing, Mahmudullah Riyadh was one of those who spread hope. Mahmudullah is a llower-orderbatsman in the Riyadh Test.

Even though he didn’t get much opportunity with the ball, whenever he was called, he gave his best in bowling. He got 5 wickets after playing the first test! This is proof of his ability in bowling. After that, he played regularly in the Bangladesh team. However, his Test career was not as smooth as in ODIs or T20s.

Mahmudullah Riyadh in ODI World Cup:

Every World Cup emerges as a platform for the Bangladesh team to prove their worth. Despite not being able to go far as a team, the cricketers of the team have always had a glimpse of some personal achievement or ability.

Mahmudullah Riyadh is sitting here at a unique height, leaving everyone behind the Bangladesh team. Although Bangladesh has participated in the ODI World Cup many times, none of the teams has ever scored a century. A century seemed to be Aladdin’s beacon to everyone. Even after hundreds of attempts, no one could find him.

Mahmoudullah Riyadh is the first to score a century in the ODI World Cup. For the first time in the 2015 World Cup, he went down to bat in the 4th position and put everyone on the shelf did not stop with a century for the first time. He scored a century in two consecutive World Cup matches – a world record!

He is one of the heroes of the extraordinary success of the Bangladesh team in the 2015 World Cup. Many of those who have represented Bangladesh in the World Cup may see the 6th century. But for the first time in a row, the record of two consecutive centuries will remain.

2018 Champions Trophy:

The 2017 Champions Trophy was held in England, the birthplace of cricket. Mahmudullah Riyadh had a unique performance in the Champions Trophy. Shakib Al Hasan made a record partnership of 222 runs! Bangladesh won the match against New Zealand thanks to Mahmudullah and Shakib. Mahmudullah Riyad also scored a century.

Captain Mahmudullah Riyadh:

There are several players who can captain the Bangladesh team. One of them is Mahmudullah Riyadh. The last thing he gets is the responsibility of captaincy.

Although he got the captaincy at the end of his career, he has already surpassed his predecessors. This captain of Bangladesh team T20 is already the most successful captain of Bangladesh Under his leadership, Bangladesh has won the most number of matches in T20. He is quietly leading the team to a unique.

Mahmudullah is the most successful captain. He may end his T20 career as a captain. It will take a long time for any of the next captains to break his winning record.

Retirement from Test cricket:

Mahmudullah Riyadh, the most successful captain of Bangladesh T20, did not have a smooth Test career. Mahmudullah, an essential member of the Test team, has been labeled a “white ball specialist” and the team management plans to play him only as a white ball.

So if I ever did a little bad performance, the sound of being dropped from the team would come out Despite being dropped from the Test team more than once. He is back in royal attire Each return is painted in the light of a century or half-century.

The last time he was dropped from the Test team in 2021, he got a call again in a hurry. The only Test match against Zimbabwe will be the last Test of his career, which neither the spectators nor the fans expected or understood.

During the test match, he hurriedly informed me that this is the last test match of his life for the Bangladesh national team! The incident of his retirement caused a great stir in the whole country.

As always, he returned to the last Test of his life in the best possible way. He scored the highest Test score of his entire. Test career He remained unbeaten for 150 Mahmudullah Riyadh, the beloved “silent killer” of the national team, bade the royal farewell by pointing the finger at critics.

Mahmoudullah Riyadh:

As well as cricket, Mahmudullah Riyadh should be followed as a human being. His calm mindset and humble demeanor carry the identity of a beautiful man. He is one of the pious cricketers of the national team. Mahmudullah is always found before him in everything like prayers and fasting.

He led the prayers in the congregation during the practice of the national team. He is also present in the mosque during religious festivals including Friday prayers.

Mahmudullah Riyadh will live in the hearts of millions of Bangladeshis as a cricketer as well as an arrogant good man.

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