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Marcelo Bielsa Dugout’s ‘Mad Man and His Biography Professor’, where is your problem, you know the whole 24 hours means football to you. But we have a different life beyond that. Helpless, New Wales defender Fernando Gamboa told El Loco. What do you mean, you know? Closed insanity. He was so obsessed with football that even on holidays he would spend about 14 hours working on new ideas about football. Marcelo Bielsa’s Biography is highlighted below:

Marcelo Bielsa, the “Mad Man”:

In those days, he used to use his own father-in-law to keep notes while watching the game. As much as he loves football, he is just as whimsical in real life. Reaching the training ground on foot from a typical Leeds apartment and a simple tracksuit says he puts football above all else. He even wore a tracksuit to the FIFA Gala. Reading about Leeds and tracksuits, the reader may have understood who he is talking about. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as the ‘Mad Man’ of football, Marcelo Bielsa.

Growing up:

Rosario is probably the place of ‘Mad Geniuses’. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Lionel Messi or De Maria – Rosario’s football talent is no less. However, everyone will agree that only Marcelo Bielsa has the ability to compete with everyone in football knowledge.


Marcelo Bielsa Dugout and his biography, born in July 1955 in Rosario. I have been interested in football since my childhood. Although he started playing for Rosario club New Wales at the age of 21, Bielsa realizes that his footballing prowess is not in his legs, but in his brain. He left the game at that time. Knowledge is power – the capitalist has acquired the knowledge of a footballer like Bielsa crazy by capitalizing on this motto he got from his grandfather. With the exception of more than three thousand books on football, at this age, Bielsa has subscribed to more than 40 football magazines at home and abroad!

According to Bielsa, he spent his first 16 years watching two coaches who followed his example. The first eight years were obsessed with Menotti, the next eight years oversaw Carlos Bilardo. These two World Cup-winning coaches of Argentina are the inspiration for Bielsa to come to the dugout.

To begin with:

The journey of Marcelo Bielsa dugout from the very beginning of his youth. He was the first to surprise everyone by choosing a team based in Buenos Aires. He tested more than 3,000 players to form a team of only 20 people. Not only did he continue to form the team, everyone was impressed by the uncompromisingness of Bielsa’s training session.

The Argentine media also spread the word about Bielsa. So he did not have to wait long for the first call as a professional coach. El Loco arrived at the dugout of the New Wales Old Boys’ youth academy, the club he said goodbye to in his playing career.

Journey as a coach

When I first arrived, I was quite fat. I loved eating Alphahores. Bielsa was the first to ban what he did. Taught to train in the rain. That’s why I couldn’t see him!

Do not listen to the words and think that someone has expressed hatred. With these words, it is as if the Argentine legend Gabriel Batistuta paid homage to Bielsa. After taking charge of New Wales’ youth project, Bielsa noticed that players from the grassroots were not coming up at all. He sat down with a map of Argentina to find a way. Bielsa divided the whole of Argentina into 60 parts. He drove his old Fiat-147, went to each section, started the trial, and started picking up players. Batistuta-Ayala-Pachettino-Walter Samuel-Janetti-Simeone were the fruits of their labor.

When Batistuta was discovered

Let’s come back to Batistuta. As you know, when he discovered Batistuta, Batistuta’s love was Alphohores, a kind of chocolate biscuit. Bielsa’s rigorous training session turned that Batistuta into a ‘zero figure’. Batistuta sweating in those inhumane sessions on the field in New Wales, so it’s hard to hate Bielsa. But Batgirl also knows that without Bielsa, there would have been no Batigol in the world of football. Bielsa was so ‘obsessed with her work that she knocked on the door of a house 70 miles away at two in the morning. Because? He said he would see the feet of a boy from that house. Seeing Bielsa’s legs in the trial, it seemed that this boy would be able to play good football.

Mauricio Pachettino:

Do you know who the boy was? Mauricio Pachettino. According to him, his life would have been different if Bielsa had not knocked on his door that day. Bielsa came to the dugout of the main team very quickly with the identity of responsibility in the youth academy. In the 1990-91 season, New Wales announced El Loco as their new coach.
There is another story behind this ‘El Loco’ title. In his first season in charge, Bielser New Wales lost 6-0 to San Lorenzo in a Copa Libertadores match in the Latin American Champions League. Angry Bielsa or even thought of suicide at that time! Meanwhile, after such a large rate, some Ultras supporters surrounded Bielsa’s house. Bielsa was crying at home due to the pain of the match rate. And as an additional debt, the annoyance of the supporters has also been added. The restless Bielsa came out of the house with a grenade in his hand and came in front of the manpower.

After that New Wales club

With so many stories about Libertadores, Bielsa took New Wales to the finals of the competition the next season. Although his team lost on penalties to Sao Paulo. He left New Wales voluntarily after this rate. But he won the league for the team twice in two years. He left Argentina and moved to Mexico. Taking charge of the Atlas Club, he also changed the philosophy of the club. Numerous talents, including Burgetti-Marquez-Pablo Pardo-Osvaldo Sanchez, came up holding Bielsa’s hand, and the Mexican national team suffered the consequences. Biography of Marcelo Bielsa Dugout and his biography Marcelo Bielsa.

2006 World Cup

Only nine of Mexico’s players, who almost lost to Argentina in the second round of the 2006 World Cup, grew up under Bielsa. Mexico’s great football in that World Cup also got a lot of applause. The reputation of making Bielsa players is so great that later coaches like Pep Guardiola-Arsene Wenger have relied more on Bielsa trained players. Laporte, Mendy, Sanchez, and Nicolas Pepe are among them.

However, Bielsa was not made of easily settled metal. Returning home after a few years of traveling to Mexico. This time his team name is Village Sarsfield. At his first press conference, he explained why he was called “El Loco”. He put 51 analysis tapes of the previous season’s opponents on the shelves at the press conference.

Marcelo Bielsa’s biography also surprised everyone by being a computer analyst at the club in 1997. At that time, the idea of ​​analyzing the hair of the opponent with a video first came to Bielsa’s head. Naturally, Bielsa Magic won the league title at home in Village Sarsfield. That means he coached the Argentine club for three years and won the league title three times.

Bielsa in international football:

In 1998, he responded to a call from the Spanish club Espanyol, but he did not last long. After standing in the dugout for nine matches, the call came to coach the Albiceleste. Bielsa stood in the dugout left by Daniel Passarella at the end of the ’98 World Cup.

Bielsa’s eight-year coaching career is the biggest team in Argentina so far. Before we get to the bottom of this, let’s take a look at the philosophy and style of the game that Bielsa has to offer.

Marcelo Bielsa Biography Some ideas about Bielsa training were given earlier. From that, the reader must have guessed that hypertension is one of the tools of Bielsa. He wants his players to run for 90 minutes. But as can be seen, it often does not happen due to a lack of players. Otherwise, Bielsa might not have regretted saying, The signature formation of this mastermind, known as Bielsista, was 3-3-1-3. He also discovered this strange formation in the world of football. Of the three defenders in front, three were basically wingbacks, who were equally adept at attacking as well as defending. Sometimes there was a registrar. Bielsa invented this formation by playing a classical number ten right in front of him, with two wings on either side and a target man in front.

Marcelo Bielsa Dugout and his biography:

Since Bielser’s motto was hyper dressing, he preferred three defenders as well as one in midfield, whose job it was to deliver the ball into the midfield even in hyper dressing. You will notice that in this place in Argentina, he played Simeone, and developed Cambiaso-Mascherano. If you want to know the courage that Bielsa showed in building Mascherano, you have to tell a different story.

Javier Mascherano has just signed up for Riverplate in 2003. Even then, the Argentine did not play for River plate. But investigator Bielsa knew much about Mascherano from the River plate authorities by then. Bielsa called the River plate coach to see him play. River plate coach was shocked to hear his plan and said, “Boss, he hasn’t started his club career yet!”

Mascherano made his international debut against Uruguay the same year before his club debut due to Bielsa’s intervention.

Let’s get back to the game. Another important factor in Bielsar’s formation was the holding midfielder. Since Bielsa also played two wingbacks with two wings. In that case, the holding midfielder at Widley Ball Distribution would have a heavy burden on his shoulder, which is also called ‘Regista’ in Spanish. It was these holding midfielders who pulled the reins of the attack. Nowadays, if you look at Busquets or Roddy, you can guess something about this.

Marcelo Bielsa’s Biography

Marcelo Bielsa’s Biography The main philosophy of Bielsa’s game is speed and rotation. It is said that Bielsa players never receive a pass while standing. And this coach, who is a fan of total football, is quite aware of the player rotation. Fast attack with the ball on the feet and hyper dressing on the defensive side – these two are the type of Bielsar football. Needless to say, even though they played at 3-3-1-3, Bielsar’s formation was sometimes swayed by the opponent’s understanding.

Rarely do you play in a 4-2-1-3 formation, but one thing you will notice is that in the Bielsa formation, the one playing behind the attacking third was always assigned a place.

Another football name is Enganche. Whose Bengali meaning is anta? The whole team’s midfield and attack were tied in a single thread whose main task. They roamed the field with a lot of freedom. Ortega was in the Albiceleste squad for the role. Besides, Bielsa was formed by Aymar, Riquelmeder.


As a result, Argentina got a full squad in 2006. Of the 23 members of the group, 19 started from Riquelme, including Crespo, Aymar, Tevez, Mascherano, Sorin, and Ayala, and grew up in the vicinity of Bielsa.

As soon as his first training session came in Argentina, Bielsa asked everyone to write down the formation of their choice. At the end of the writing, Bielsa noticed that the beginning of everyone’s formation was the same, four defenders.

I can see that all four of you are more interested in playing with the defense. But we will play with three. See you tomorrow. The training is over for today. ‘

In this way, Bielsa spread her style, plan, and uncompromisingness from the very beginning. Bielsa also got talented players in Argentina with great technique. But El Loco can blame fate for not getting a major. Argentina was out of reach in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers. After losing only 1 match, he picked up a maximum of 43 points. Batistuta-Bahini also scored a maximum of 42 goals. Tito’s Brazil also failed to break those two records in the last World Cup qualifiers.

2004 Copa America:

But despite being a hot favorite, the football fans have not been able to find out the reason for being eliminated in the group stage by scoring only 2 goals in that World Cup. The same thing happened in the 2004 Copa America. Brazil equalized 2-2 with Adriano’s goal 20 seconds before the end of regulation time, and then beat Argentina to win the final in a tiebreaker.

However, Bielsa did not slip into the Olympics. In 1928, Argentina became the first Latin American team after Uruguay to win a gold medal in football. Even after 62 years, it is Argentina’s first gold medal. That medal is the last medal Bielsa has won. Peckerman replaced Bielsa at the end of the Olympics.


However, Bielsa has been influential in international football for four more years. Four years would be wrong. Google will show that Bielsa was the coach of Chile from 2007-to 11. But its range was much larger. Except for Bolivia and Chile, Copa America was won by Chile 99 years later. History will tell, he was the Copa winning coach, another Argentine Jorge Sampaoli. But the Chileans know how much Bielsa has contributed to the transformation of Chilean football into a whole open space. The Golden Generation of Chile came up holding his hand. Vidal-Sanchez-Bravo Bielsar is the talent that brought Chile to their first World Cup qualifier since 1998.

Bielsa left the post after the 2011 Copa America due to disagreement with the Chilean Football Federation. Before leaving, however, he was named the most successful coach in Chile’s history. With 34 wins in 66 matches, Chile had a 51.5% victory over Bielsa.

Notebook of Spain:

Bilbao coach Bielsa arrived at the press conference after a 2-2 draw with Marcelo Bielsa dugout and his biography Villarreal. A strange question came from a journalist, ‘You walked 13 steps to the right and 13 steps to the left when Bilbao attacked. Is there a connection to the attack? ‘

Bielsa replied, “What surprised me more than your question was that you were counting my steps by skipping such a beautiful game!”

Bielsa gave Bilbao a unique and beautiful team football for two years. Before taking charge, he appeared at the press conference with 55 videos and a notebook. Of which he has watched 42 videos twice. What were those videos? Athletic Bilbao played all of the matches last season.

Bielsa analysis:

Bielsa analyzed and found out that a player can pass another player in a total of 36 ways with 8 parts of the foot. The reader may think that he has explained it to the players by drawing it on the board. But ‘Mad Man’ Bielsa caught the same Bilbao players on his shoes. The shoe was also dug out for several days. In a frenzy over Bielsa’s football, reporters once asked Bilbao player Iker Munian, “Is Bielsa always so crazy?” Munian laughed and replied, “He’s even crazier.”

In addition to Munian in the Athletic Bilbao, Marcelo Bielsa dugout and his biography Bielsa was formed by Andre Herrera, Ituraspe, Xavi Martinez, and Laurente, Susayeta, and others. Herrera was the lifeblood of Bielsa midfield, with Xavi Martinez in the role of ‘Regista’. Aduriz made a great goal in the forward. However, Bilbao was better in the Europa League than in the league. In the second round, Bielsa’s team went to Old Trafford and lost 3-2 to Fergie’s Manchester United. But misfortune did not leave Bielsa behind. The Copa del Rey and Europa League finals were more difficult than No.10 in the service league table.

The King in the North

Bielsa moved to Marseille with the pride of not winning anything despite playing good football in Spain. He was there for a total of 12 months. After losing 1-0 in a match with Cain, he left the post in a hurry. But he made Marseille fourth in the league out of turmoil. But before leaving, Florian came up with stars like Thauvin, Lucas O campus, and Dimitri Payet. After Bielsa left, the Marseille president lamented,

It seemed to me that we had signed Lionel Messi for 12 months. ‘ Because? Uncompromising and insane love for football. Bielsa said as Lazio left.

People I want in the club, obviously the club doesn’t want them. In this case, I have nothing to give to this club. ‘
Lazio, however, sued Bielsar for 50 million in damages. It did not wash.

The reader must have understood by now that Bielsa wants complete freedom in everything – training sessions or managerial steps. He even has the experience of training till late at night before the match. Many compared Bielsar training to ‘commando training’. And in these cases, the intervention of the board or the players would have been in conflict with Bielsa’s football philosophy. So he could not settle down for long. Couldn’t even be the coach of a big club, where many big players love to train as they like.

Leeds United:

But his love for football did not keep Marcelo Bielsa away for long. He returned to the Leeds United dugout after not playing in the Premier League for 14 years before the arrival of Bielsa, who has changed coaches 11 times in the last 14 years. However, Leeds United relied on Bielsa. He gave her full freedom. In the first year, he could have got the adorable Premier League ticket. But in the end, he had to be satisfied to be the third to slip his legs. However, Bielser Leeds could not be stopped in the 2019-20 season. Bielsa is returning to the dugout of the Premier League after becoming the champion, where his enchanted student Guardiola-Klopp is.

Bielsa in personal life:

In his personal life, it is very simple. However, he has a good reputation as a person with a strong personality. Once a small Bilbao fan came and asked for an autograph from El Loco. He surprised the little fan by bringing the signatures of the whole team while waiting for him.

No matter how crazy he is about football, he is reluctant to make any concessions in terms of norms and principles. In the first season, Leeds almost got a place in the Premier League. In the end, he could only leave the field after winning an important match with Aston Villa.

Marcelo Bielsa dugout

During the first goal of the Marcelo Bielsa dugout and his biography Leeds, one of the Aston Villa players was groaning in pain. The referee’s eyes avoided it, but Bielsa’s eyes did not. It seemed to him that the goal was correct in football law but it was against the rules. So steadfast in his ideals, Bielsa instructed his disciples to let Aston Villa score a goal voluntarily. In the end, the match ended in a 1-1 draw, and Bielsa had to play a play-off.
After losing there, the service did not come to the Premier League of Leeds. However, the football world was surprise by Bielsa’s work. FIFA also awarded the FIFA Fair-Play Award in recognition of the work of Bielsa and his team.

Where is Bielsa’s place at the end of the day?

He may be lagging behind in terms of success, but he is one of the tops in terms of influence in football. Journalist Jonathan Wilson says no other Latin American has been as influential in modern football as Bielsa since Brazil’s ‘back four’ in the 1960s. That’s why Simeone-Pachettino considers Bielsa ‘fatherly’.

Guardiola flew to Argentina to negotiate with Bielsa on an 11-hour flight to Barcelona. At the end of that discussion, Guardiola said, “I don’t know what Bielsa knows about Barcelona, ​​even as a coach.” After taking charge of Real Madrid, Zidane went to Marseille and spent three hours with him. The New Wales Old Boys named their stadium after him.

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